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Application of the virtual test reactor RPV-1 to VVER-1000 RPV steels

Bergner, F.; Ulbricht, A.


In the presentation a reference data set is defined, a short overview on RPV-1 is given, results of calculations are presented and conclusion are drawn. It turns out that the size distribution obtained by SANS complemented with other techniques is well suited to validate models of long-term microstructure evolution, that tensile test and hardness results are well suited to validate models of irradiation-hardening and that the order of magnitude of the yield stress increase and some trends are correctly reproduced by RPV-1 for a low-Cu VVER-1000 RPV steel. The subject should be reconsidered in future after completion of RPV-2 in order to take into account the effect of solutes more adequately.

  • Lecture (others)
    The 5th Perfect Users Group Meeting, 22.-23.11.2006, Bergen, Niederlande


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