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Capacitance wire-mesh sensor for fast measurement of phase fraction distributions

Da Silva, M. J.; Schleicher, E.; Hampel, U.


We introduce a new wire-mesh sensor based on capacitance (permittivity) measurements. The sensor can be used to measure transient phase fraction distributions in a flow cross-section, such as in a pipe or other vessel, and is able to discriminate fluids having different relative permittivity (dielectric constant) values in a multiphase flow. We designed and manufactured a prototype sensor which comprises two planes of 16 wires each. The wires are evenly distributed across the measuring cross-section, and measurement is performed at the wire crossings. Time resolution of the prototype sensor is 625 frames per second. Sensor and measuring electronics were evaluated showing good stability and accuracy in the capacitance measurement. The wire-mesh sensor was tested in a silicone oil/water two-phase bubbly flow.

Keywords: wire-mesh sensor; capacitance measurement; permittivity; two-phase flow; phase fraction

  • Measurement Science and Technology 18(2007)7, 2245-2251