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High resolution gamma ray tomography scanner for flow measurement and non-destructive testing applications

Hampel, U.; Bieberle, A.; Hoppe, D.; Kronenberg, J.; Schleicher, E.; Sühnel, T.; Zimmermann, F.; Zippe, C.


We report on the development of a high resolution gamma ray tomography scanner that is operated with a Cs-137 isotopic source at 662 keV gamma photon energy and achieves a spatial image resolution of 0.2 lp/mm at 10% MTF for non-collimated detectors. It is primarily intended for the scientific study of flow regimes and phase fraction distributions in fuel element assemblies, chemical reactors, pipelines and hydrodynamic machines. Furthermore, it is applicable to non-destructive testing of larger radiologically dense objects. The radiation detector is based on advanced avalanche photo diode technology in conjunction with LYSO scintillation crystals. The detector arc comprises 320 single detector elements which are operated in pulse counting mode. For measurements at fixed vessels or plant components we built a CT scanner gantry that comprises rotational and translational stages, power supply via slip rings and data communication to the measurement PC via wireless LAN.

Keywords: Gamma ray tomography; gamma ray detector