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Data acquisition system for angle synchronized gamma-ray tomography of rapidly rotating objects

Bieberle, A.; Schleicher, E.; Hampel, U.


We developed a fast read-out electronics which is used in conjunction with a radiation detector for gamma ray computed tomography. The detector comprises 320 single scintillation detector elements and is operated in pulse counting mode. Digital pulses corresponding to gamma or x-ray absorption events in the scintillation crystals are counted by a counter bank implemented fully parallel in FPGA electronics. The counter data may be read-out at a maximum rate of 5 MHz via micro controller and USB 2.0 interface. This enables to take full projection data within intervals of down to 23 µs which in turn gives the opportunity to produce sharp tomographic slice images of objects rotating with more than 1000 rotations per minute. As an example we demonstrate the reconstruction of the gas distribution in the turbine region of a stirred tank reactor.

Keywords: high-resolution gamma ray tomography; multi-phase flow

  • Measurement Science and Technology 18(2007), MST/248418/PAP/167103