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Investigation of Oxidation Resistance of Carbon Based First-Wall Liner Material Aerolor AO5

Krüssenberg, A.-K.; Moormann, R.; Hinssen, H.-K.; Hofmann, M.; Wu, C. H.


Minimizing the consequences of loss of vacuum and loss of coolant into vacuum accidents with respect to fusion reactor design requires the choice of materials as oxidation resistant as possible. In continuation to the testing of carbon candidate materials under oxidizing conditions (oxygen and steam) in collaboration with NET the carbon compound Aerolor AO5 of Carbone Lorraine has been examined in detail in the test facilities INDEX 2 and SPALEX at Forschungszentrum Jülich. The parameters for these oxidation experiments in the in-pore diffusion controlled regime are temperature (from 973 K up to 1173 K for oxygen, from 1173 K up to 1423 K for steam) and reaction gas concentration (1 vol.-% - 20 vol.% oxygen in argon, 5 vol.% - 100 vol.% steam in argon). The deducted equations for the primary oxidation reactions consider the dependence of the reaction rate on temperature, partial pressure and burn-off of the material.


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