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Gas-liquid flow around an obstacle in a vertical pipe – CFD simulation & comparison to experimental data

Frank, T.; Prasser, H.-M.; Beyer, M.; Al Issa, S.


A novel technique to study the two-phase flow field around an asymmetric diaphragm in a vertical pipe is presented, that allows to obtain detailed 3-dimensional data for CFD code validation in complex geometries. The investigated validation test case consists of an air-water two-phase bubbly flow around a half-moon shaped obstacle in a DN200 vertical pipe (TOPFLOW test facility), where the 3-dimensional flow field shows flow phenomena like curved stream lines, flow separation at sharp edges and
recirculation zones in the obstacle wake, like they are common to complex flow situations in bends, T-junctions, valves, safety valves and other components of power plant and other industrial equipment. Pre-test calculations with the commercial flow solver ANSYS CFX have been performed using an Eulerian two-phase flow model with a monodisperse bubble diameter assumption and by taking into account all significant drag and non-drag forces contributing to the interphase momentum transfer. Results of the CFD simulation have been compared to the 3-dimensional air volume fraction and water velocity fields, which were obtained from the wire-mesh sensor data, where the comparison showed a general very good agreement. Therefore CFD code validation on this type of complex 3-dimensional flow geometries permits the assessment of flow solver accuracy for other industrial type applications and contributes to further multiphase flow model development for ANSYS CFX.

Keywords: bubbly flows; CFD; wire-mesh sensor; 3-dimensional validation

  • Lecture (Conference)
    International Conference on Multiphase Flow, ICMF 2007, 09.-13.07.2007, Leipzig, Germany
  • Contribution to proceedings
    International Conference on Multiphase Flow, ICMF 2007, 09.-13.07.2007, Leipzig, Germany