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Bremsstrahlung in intermediate-energy nucleon reactions within an effective one-beson exchange model

Shklyar, V.; Kämpfer, B.; Reznik, B. L.; Titov, A. I.


Within a covariant effective one-boson exchange model for the T matrix of NN interactions we present detailed calculations of bremsstrahlung cross sections for proton - proton and proton - neutron reactions at beam energies in the 1 GeV region. Besides pure bremsstrahlung processes we consider photons from ∆ decays and contributions from the η → γγ process. At beam energies above 700 MeV the ∆ decay channel dominates the spectra at large photon energies, where the interference between non-resonance processes and the ∆ decay channel becomes also important. Low energy photons stem from pure bremsstrahlung processes. The available experimental data at 730 MeV beam energy is well described. We extrapolate the model down to 280 MeV, where more detailed experimental data exist, and find agreement with angular distributions.

  • Open Access Logo Forschungszentrum Rossendorf; FZR-191
    ISSN: 1436-3976
  • Nuclear Physics A 628 (1998) 255-274



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