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Identification of Excited States in Doubly Odd 110Sb: Smooth Band Termination

Lane, G. J.; Fossan, D. B.; Thorslund, I.; Vaska, P.; Allatt, R. G.; Paul, E. S.; Käubler, L.; Schnare, H.; Hibbert, I. M.; O'Brien, N.; Wadsworth, R.; Andrejtscheff, W.; de Graaf, J.; Simpson, J.; Lee, I. Y.; Macchiavelli, A. O.; Blumenthal, D. J.; Davids, C. N.; Lister, C. J.; Seweryniak, D.; Afanasjev, A. V.; Ragnarsson, I.


Excited states in 110Sb have been identified for the first time
in a series of gamma-spectroscopy experiments using both thin and backed
targets, including neutron-fold and recoil-mass measurements to provide
unambiguous channel identification. The three decoupled intruder bands
observed in 110Sb are based upon configurations involving 2p-2h
excitations across the Z=50 shell gap and show the features of smooth band
termination. The yrast intruder band, which has been connected to the low-spin
levels, is tentatively identified up to its predicted termination at IPi=45+.
Excellent agreement with configuration-dependent cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky
calculations is obtained for the high-spin states near termination.


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