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Patients and physicians may contact the University Proton Therapy Dresden hotline at 0351 458 15693 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 11am and 1pm to 3pm) or via via e-mail:


Institute of Radiooncology – OncoRay

Cancer Research

At the Institute of Radiooncology – OncoRay scientists specializing in medicine, physics, biology and IT work together to crucially improve the treatment of cancer by administering radiation therapy that is biologically-personalized and technically-optimized. One special feature of the institute is its close interinstitutional cooperation. Operating organizations of the joint research platform OncoRay – National Center for Radiation Research in Oncology are

The research platform offers researchers in the various institutions an outstanding infrastructure for cancer research that can hold its own internationally. The focus of activities is translational research, which means that the results of fundamental research are specifically developed for the benefit of patients and tested in clinical studies.

In doing so, the Institute of Radiooncology – OncoRay is also an essential link for other HZDR institutes like the Institute of Radiation Physics and the Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research, to combine research approaches with clinical practice and to address medical issues in science.

Specific Goals

  • Biologically-personalized radiation therapy and clinical evaluation of proton therapy
  • Investigation of resistance factors to radiotherapy and their use as biomarkers or molecular targets for combination therapies
  • Optimization of proton therapy, including laser-accelerated particle therapy together with the Institute of Radiation Physics (division of Laser Particle Acceleration), reach measurement and modelling
  • Investigation of three- and four-dimensional imaging techniques for high-precision radiation therapy in moving tumors; radiotracers will be applied here in close collaboration with the Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research.

Training of Young Talents

To promote young talents and train urgently needed experts in medical physics, OncoRay offers a Master’s course in Medical Radiation Sciences as well as a program for doctoral candidates at the OncoRay Postgraduate School.

How to Find Us

The Institute of Radiooncology – OncoRay is located on the University Hospital campus (Buildings 130 and 44).

Visitors' address:

Händelallee 26 / Bldg. 130
01309 Dresden

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