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User access to high power laser labs / DRACO

In addition to the focus of our internal program on the development of advanced plasma accelerators and exploitation of related applications we offer access to our high power laser infrastructure to external users. In order to benefit best from the long-term development of dedicated target environment, access is provided to integral areas. Early consultation with local experts up to collaborative approaches are thus highly recommended.

We are happy to discuss ideas and concepts any time, i.e. without a fixed submission deadline, and prior to proposal submission ask for a brief email contact to laserplasmasupport@hzdr.de.

Following successful first discussions and a feasibility pre-check formal proposal submission is organized via the HZDR proposal management system GATE (requiring confirmed registration) in analogy to access to the radiation source ELBE. Apart from a short questionnaire proposal evaluation relies on a three-page project description strictly following the description in the template:

Access (and support) can be applied for online via the user access program in Laserlab Europe V werden.