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Department of Research Technology
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Department of Research Technology

Engineering for science

The Department of Research Technology (FWF) develops dedicated research equipment ranging from experiment equipment to the level of complex and large research facilities. Depending on the requirements, our work covers planning and design as well as project administration and may extend to manufacturing and system integration.


The institutes of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf ask our department for support in a wide range of different technologies. Considerable activities comprise the design and manufacturing of mechanical components and on the other side the development of measurement devices and control systems up to the system level of automation technology.

Processes under extreme boundary conditions are characteristic for the complexity of this challenge, which becomes apparent in the engineering of large machines and extended research facilities. Combined with the diversity of technologies applied, the resulting complexity creates continuously new challenges for the Department of Research Technology.

Promotion of young people

Qualified education on a high level is important to us. In our department we offer opportunities to complete an apprenticeship in the technical occupations industrial mechanic and draftsman.

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