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Application for Experiments

Magnet time HLD

Next Deadline: May 15th, 2024

Beamtime ELBE

Next Deadline: March 18th, 2024

Ion Beam Center


Beamline ROBL

Next Deadline: March 4th, 2024*

*Proposals to ROBL should be submitted through the ESRF User Portal.

Research Facilities at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf

Scientific research equipment of national and international importance is operated at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf and as such the HZDR is coordinating member and partner of numerous collaborations and projects. The scientific facilities are equally available to external guest researchers from science and economy.

Access to HZDR user facilities

User Facilities

Foto: ELBE accelerator ©Copyright: HZDR/Frank Bierstedt

Radiation Source at the ELBE Cen­ter for High-Power Radiation Sources

The Radiation Source ELBE (Electron Linac for beams with high Brilliance and low Emittance) delivers multiple secondary beams, both elctromagnetic radiation and particles. The characteristics of these beams make ELBE an outstanding research instrument for external users as well as scientists of the HZDR.
Head: Dr. Andreas Wagner
Foto: Compressor grating150 TW laser Draco ©Copyright: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schramm

High-power Laser-particle Acceleration

Lasers with petawatt peak power enable the development of advanced ultra-compact particle accelerators and light sources with applications ranging from cancer research to probing of ultrafast processes. Dedicated target areas are optimized for the investigation and application of relativistic laser-plasma processes by in-house and external researchers.
Head: Prof. Ulrich Schramm
Foto: pulsed magnet ©Copyright: HZDR/André Wirsig

Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory HLD

This laboratory focuses on modern materials research in high magnetic fields. In particular, electronic properties of metallic, semiconducting, superconducting, and magnetic materials are investigated. This way the High Magnetic Field Laboratory serves as a research facility for both in-house and user projects.

Head: Prof. Joachim Wosnitza

Foto: The 6 MV Accelerator at the Ion Beam Center of the HZDR ©Copyright: HZDR

User Facilities at the Ion Beam Cen­ter IBC

The Ion Beam Center is an internationally leading center of competence for the application of ion beams in materials research. Plasma and ion sources generate ions of all species at energies between eV and 60 MeV.
Head: Dr. Stefan Facsko
Foto: Dr. Andreas Scheinost, Head Molecular Structures at the HDZR Institute of Resource Ecology, adjusting the goniometer at the Rossendorf Beamline (ROBL) in Grenoble. ©Copyright: Denis Morel

Rossendorf Beamline ROBL at ESRF

The Rossendorf Beamline is located at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, France. Here, energy research benefits from Europe’s most brilliant source of synchrotron X-ray light. Four experimental stations for radiochemical experiments are available.
Head: Prof. Dr. Kristina Kvashnina>

Further Research Facilities

Foto: Center for Radiopharmaceutical Tumor Research at HZDR ©Copyright: HZDR/Rainer Weisflog

ZRT – Cen­ter for Radio­pharma­ceutical Tumor Research

The center offers best conditions for the development of radioactive drugs used in cancer diagnosis and therapy. It accommodates an efficient cyclotron, various laboratories for radiochemistry and pharmacology, molecular biology and imaging processes up to clean rooms for the production of radiopharmaceuticals for patients.
Head: Prof. Dr. Klaus Kopka
Foto: Experimentelle Fluiddynamik - Topflow ©Copyright: HZDR/Rainer Weisflog


Complex flow phenomena are investigated here under realistic conditions to enable energy efficient material flows in process engineering and the chemical industry as well as the safe operation of nuclear power plants.
Foto: Data Center 2012, Building 614 ©Copyright: Dr. Uwe Konrad

Department of Information Services and Computing

The Central Department of Information Services and Computing is the service, competence and coordination centre for the entire IT of all HZDR locations. It operates the Infrastructure (data centres and networks), the Scientific Library, the Application and User Services and supports the scientists in the field of Computational Science.

Head: Dr. Uwe Konrad

Foto: Transforming matter into light ©Copyright: HZDR/Jürgen Jeibmann

Department of Research Technology

Our activities cover mechanical, electronical or software-technical developments for scientific experiments. We support you from conception to commissioning, ranging from dedicated devices up to large research facilities.
Head: Prof. Peter Kaever
Foto: water-cooled Racks inside the data center ©Copyright: Tom Wawerek

High Performance Computing at HZDR

The department of IT Infrastructure provides a high-performance computing cluster for the scientists in order to perform complex calculations in simulation aswell as data processing. High-available storage systems enable users to perform fast data handling.
Head: Dr. Henrik Schulz

Library of Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (D 120)

The scientific library of the HZDR provides predominantly digital access to information and supports researchers in the publication procedures for scientific papers and research data.
Head: Jürgen Grzondziel