International Office

The International Office advises and supports visiting scientists and researchers from abroad as well as international users of our research facilities - together with their families- in planning and organizing their stay in Dresden.

We want to be your central contact point for any and all questions you may have regarding your stay at the HZDR.

Our services include:

  • Assisting international guests with formalities that need to be completed upon arrival, including information about the current regulations on traveling to Germany
  • Providing general information about procedures with public authorities
  • Assistance in searching for a suitable accommodation
  • Offering families support in finding a place in a daycare or school
  • Organizing and providing information about suitable leisure and recreational activities
  • Organizing the international Summer Student Program
  • For detailed information, please see our welcome guide.

General information about the current Pandemic situation and the local ruling:

Arriving from a risk area

Currently, all measures have been discontinued as there are no longer any countries or regions in this category.
This may change again in the fall or winter. Be attentive to the news

Further information:

Information on the coronavirus from the national government

RKI-Information on Covid-19

RKI-Risk areas

Dealing with symptoms of colds in children

Together against Corona



Corona pandemic - New general ruling in Dresden:

These are the current corona rules in Saxony. They are based not only on the incidence figures of the Robert Koch Institute but also on hospital bed occupancy by Covid 19 patients in Saxony.


A nasal-mouth protection should be worn, not only in public transport (bus, train, taxi, etc.) but also in doctor´s practices and clinics:


  • Use a nasal-moth protection in crowded public areas
  • Wash your hands regularily
  • Avoid hand-face contac
  • Use the Corona Warning App
  • Regular ventilation in closed rooms

Regularly testing

Please use the offer of the HZDR and ask for a corona rapid test in the secretary of your institute.

All employees, who have been absent for at least five consecutive working days due to vacations and comparable leaves of absence from duty or work, have to make a corona test before returning to their working place.

You can also make a rapid test for free in many test centers and drugstores in the city.

Duty to inform in case of positive corona test

With the new regulation, Corona-positive individuals must also inform their families and contacts of their test result themselves. They, in turn, are also required to quarantine themselves independently and they should take a PCR test.

Quarantine obligation

  • in case of positive test
  • in case of direct contact with positive case
  • in case of suspected own infection

Information from Dresden Welcome Center and Immigration Office

Due to the precautions to protect the health of employees and visitors, it is recommended to visit these offices with an appointment.

Contact information - Welcome Center: 0351/488 6051 -

In urgent cases you can contact the immigration office at the hotline 0351-488 6009.

(Mon./Wed./Fri. from 9:00 to 12:00 - Tue./Thu. from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00)

These regulations also apply to the citizens offices. Requests can only be made in the nearest citizens' office by appointment. Please call the respective office or the hotline 0351 488 - 6070.

Note: the current situation is dynamic. Please inform yourself about new regulations under the links given below.