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HZDR: Partner at "Network Dresden - City of Science"

In 2006, the city of Dresden carried the title "City of Science", and founded the network Dresden - City of Science, which has been active ever since. One popular event supported by the network partners in Dresden is the Dresden Long Night of Sciences.

"Charter of Diversity"

HZDR is a member of the "Charter of Diversity", an initiative encouraging diversity in business companies and public institutions. It is supported by the German federal government, the chancellor of Germany being its patron.

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On this page we provide links to a selection of recent media coverage about the HZDR.

Planetary Low Tide May Force Regular Sunspot Sync Ups

21.06.2019 - Eos - Earth and Space Science News

A regular alignment of the planets—no, it’s not pseudoscience—makes a strong enough tug to regulate the Sun’s 11- and 22-year cycles.

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Die Wissenschafts-Elite trifft sich in Dresden

20.06.2019 - Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten

Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten …

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Neuer Feinschaum soll Mikro-Erzteilchen aus der Erde holen

18.06.2019 - Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten

Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten …

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Drohnen: Vielfältige Einsatzmöglichkeiten

16.06.2019 - Heise Online

Heise Online …

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Descubren que el ciclo solar depende de una alineación planetaria (y no es Astrología)

05.06.2019 -

Cada once años (la duración de un ciclo solar), Venus se alinea con la Tierra y Júpiter. Los investigadores creen que no es una casualidad …

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Los planetas influyen en el sol y hasta regulan su ciclo, afirman investigadores

04.06.2019 - Newsweek en Español

El ciclo solar del Sol, de 11 años de duración, está gobernado por la alineación de los planetas, y los científicos han descubierto que las...

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Güneş, gezegenlerin ritmini takip ediyor

04.06.2019 - Akşam

Yapılan yeni bir araştırmada, gezegensel gelgit kuvvetlerinin güneş enerjisi aktivitesini etkilediği tespit edildi.

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Space Weather DISCOVERY: Sun’s COOLING DOWN linked to planetary alignment

04.06.2019 -

SOLAR minimums and solar maximums are determined by an alignment of planets in the solar system affecting the Sun’s magnetic field, it has...

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