Media Center

Impressive pictures of impressive research – in our Media Center we offer plenty of photos, illustrations and videos about the research at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. Additionally, you may find podcasts and logos and get to know more details about the work at the HZDR in our research magazine "discovered" and the German-language in-house journal "Insider".

Foto: Hot steam and cool drops ©Copyright: HZDR/Oliver Killig

Pictures and Photos

On this page, you will find photos and illustrations on exciting topics from the research sectors Health, Energy, and Mat­ter as well as di­verse HZDR logos. In addition to that, there are general pictures of the HZDR sites and from public events.
Foto: entdeckt_1_2024_DT ©Copyright: HZDR

"disco­vered" – The HZDR Research Magazine

"Disco­vered" is the English-language edition of our research magazine. The German-language magazine "entdeckt" is usually published twice a year. Selected issues are also available in English. Each new issue of this easy-to-read magazine has a major focus.
Foto: Protonenstrahl-Therapie (Format 3:2) ©Copyright: HZDR/AIFilm

Video Clips and 3D Animations

Image films, video clips and three-dimensional animations give an idea of the scientific work in the HZDR research sectors Energy, Health and Matter. In our DocClip series, our PhD students introduce themselves.
Foto: Audiorekorder und Kopfhörer ©Copyright: HZDR/M. Büker

Podcasts and Radio Features (in German)

Listen to radio features and podcast episodes of HZDR researchers presenting themselves and their work (in German).