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Communication & Media Relations
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HZDR Research Magazine "discovered"

"Discovered" is the English-language edition of our research magazine. Whereas "entdeckt", the German-language magazine, is usually published twice a year, only selected issues are also available in English.

Each new issue of this easy-to-read magazine has a major focus, be it repository research, magnetic fields and forces, or cancer research. The magazine keeps you informed about research at the HZDR, new staff members or work groups as well as interesting events.

Research Magazine "discovered" 1/2021 (November 2021)

Download (PDF; 6 MB) or E-Paper

Title: XXL Researching in extreme labs

  • Sharper X-ray vision for radiating elements
  • Thimble-sized research lab
  • Extreme states underground

Research | Portrait

  • Imaging the invisible enemy
  • Same method! Same result?

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