Dr. Michael Bussmann

Founding Manager CASUS
Cen­ter for Advanced Systems Understanding
Phone: +49 3581 37523 11

We model, simulate and visualise the dynamics of particles and radiation phenomena that are of interest when investigating the physics of laser particle acceleration and develop massively parallel computing schemes.


Selected Publications Computational Radiation Physics

High Proton Energies from Cone Targets : Electron Acceleration Mechanisms

T Kluge, S A Gaillard, K A Flippo, T Burris-Mog, W Enghardt, B Gall, M Geissel, A Helm, S D Kraft, T Lockard, J Metzkes, D T Offermann, M Schollmeier, U Schramm, K Zeil, M Bussmann, T E Cowan

New Journal of Physics 14(2) 023038, 2012

Electron Temperature Scaling in Laser Interaction with Solids

T Kluge, T Cowan, A Debus, U Schramm, K Zeil, M Bussmann

Physical Review Letters 107(20), 205003, 2011

See also the comment by C Thaury et al., Physical Review Letters 111(21), 219501, 2013 and our reply T Kluge et al., Physical Review Letters 111(21), 219502, 2013.

Electron Bunch Length Measurements from Laser-Accelerated Electrons Using Single-Shot THz Time-Domain Interferometry

A D Debus, M Bussmann, U Schramm, R Sauerbrey, C D Murphy, Zs Major, R Hörlein, L Veisz, K Schmid, J Schreiber, K Witte, S P Jamison, J G Gallacher, D A Jaroszynski, M C Kaluza, B Hidding, S Kiselev, R Heathcote, P S Foster, D Neely, E J Divall, C J Hooker, J M Smith, K Ertel, A J Langley, P Norreys, J L Collier

Physical Review Letters 104(8), 084802, 2010

Traveling-Wave Thomson Scattering and Optical Undulators for High-Yield EUV and X-ray Sources

A D Debus, M Bussmann, M Siebold, A Jochmann, U Schramm, T Cowan, R Sauerbrey

Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 100(1), 61, 2010

Radiative Signatures of the Relativistic Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability

M Bussmann, H Burau, T E Cowan, A Debus, A Huebl, G Juckeland, T Kluge, W E Nagel, R Pausch, F Schmitt, U Schramm, J Schuchart, R Widera

Proceedings SC13: International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis 5-1, 2013

All-Optical Ion Beam Cooling and Online Diagnostics at Relativistic Energies

M Bussmann, U Schramm, W Nörtershäuser, C Novotny, C Geppert, Th Walther, G Birkl, D F A Winters, Th Kühl, C Kozhuharov, M Steck, F Nolden, C Dimopoulou, Th Stöhlker

Proceedings of the International Workhop on Beam Cooling and Related Topics COOL09, 22, 2009

Laser Accelerated Protons captured and transported by a Pulse Power Solenoid

T Burris-Mog, K Harres, F Nürnberg, S Busold, M Bussmann, O Deppert, G Hoffmeister, M Joost, M Sobiella, A Tauschwitz, B Zielbauer, V Bagnoud, T Herrmannsdoerfer, M Roth, T E Cowan

Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams 14(12), 121301, 2011

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