How to Find the HZDR Main Campus

The main campus of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf is a ten-kilometers drive to the Northeastern outskirts of Dresden (see road map below).

Further HZDR Research Sites:

Information on the other HZDR sites in Freiberg, Leipzig and Görlitz in Saxony, Grenoble in France, and Schenefeld near Hamburg 


Bautzner Landstrasse 400, 01328 Dresden, Germany

Phone: +49 351 260 - 0 | Fax: +49 351 269 - 0461

Change of route: Construction work and closure of the B6 in the period 22.04.-25.10.2024

To reach us:

  • by car:

    Road Map HZDR 2015Highway A4 exit Ottendorf-Okrilla (ca. 15 km)

    follow the S177 in the "Radeberg / Pirna" direction
    turn left at junction "B6 / Bautzner Landstraße", at the next but one entrance way turn right to reach the HZDR
    Highway A17 exit Pirna (ca. 15 km)
    From Highway A17 take the exit to Pirna in the "Großsedlitz" direction. Stay right and follow the signs to "Pirna / Bad Schandau / Radeberg / B172". Stay at this road until you reach the junction "B6 / Bautzner Landstraße" and turn right. At the next but one entrance way turn right to reach the HZDR.
  • by train: From Dresden main station or Dresden-Neustadt station take the tram no. 11 and bus no. 261 (see below).
  • from the airport: From Dresden airport take the shuttle-train (S-Bahn) to Dresden-Neustadt station, from there take tram no. 11 and bus no. 261 (see below).
  • by tram: Tram no. 11 (running at least every 10 to 15 minutes); enter at Dresden main station, tram stop "Hauptbahnhof Nord", or Dresden/Neustadt station, in the Bühlau direction and get out of the tram at "Ullersdorfer Platz"; it takes about 25 and 35 minutes, subsequently take bus no. 261 or a taxi.
  • by bus no. 261: From Dresden main station take the bus no. 261 in the "Sebnitz" direction. It usually runs hourly from Monday to Friday. It goes via "Ullersdorfer Platz" directly to the main entrance of the HZDR. It takes about 40 minutes from Dresden main station to the HZDR.
    Please get out at Rossendorf Forschungszentrum.
  • by taxi (Duration and price depend on the time of the day):
    • from Dresden airport to HZDR: about 30 minutes
    • from Dresden main station to HZDR: about 40 minutes
    • from Dresden/Neustadt station: about 25 minutes
    • from Bühlau/Ullersdorfer Platz tram terminal: about 10 minutes.

Site Plan (PDF file for download)

Siteplan HZDR