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Head Chemistry of the f-elements
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Department of Chemistry of the f-elements

We study the chemistry of the actinides and their lanthanide homologues in solid state as well as in solution. Modern analytical tools combined with quantum chemical computations, provide atomic scale information which can be used to characterize the physico-chemical properties of the actinides in molecules.

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Our main focus is on the coordination chemistry of f-elements with inorganic and organic ligands, mostly biological and bio-inspired ligand systems. These studies use single-crystal X-ray diffraction to study structures in the solid state, and spectroscopic techniques, such as NMR, XANES, and TRLFS, to characterize structures in solution. All studies are complemented by quantum-theoretical calculations, which rely heavily on the in-house development of theoretical calculation codes for 5f systems (i.e. actinides).

The fundamental understanding of actinide chemistry is applied to investigate actinide reactivity at the water/mineral interface, where atomic force microscopy, TRLFS, and surface X-ray diffraction are used as surface sensitive speciation techniques.

A full list of experimental equipment and capacities can be found here.

Our group is open for interested Master's and PhD students, as well as interns. Some topics currently available in the institute can be found here.

Selected Publications from the Department

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  • FENABIUM (BMBF, Nov 2016 – May 2021)
  • SMILE (BMWi, Sep 2018 – Feb 2022)
  • f-Char (BMBF, Okt. - Sep. 2023)


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Actinid chemistry of metall organics

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PD Dr. habil. Moritz Schmidt

Head Chemistry of the f-elements
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