Departments of Information Services and Computing

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Computational Science

Dr. Juckeland, Guido

We are the method-mentoring partner of all scientific institutions in their effors of digitalizing in their scientific areas. We provide expertise and develop solutions for managing scientific data, research software engineering as well as artificial intelligence. We also develop and maintain software packages for enabling easier access to compute resources for all sciences. In all things we do, we utilize the software engineering methods we advocate and always work together with a partner/customer outside of our department.
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Dr. Schulz, Henrik

The IT Infrastructure division is responsible for the provision of a highly available data and communication network as well as ser­vers for the services provided by the department of Information Services and Computing to all users of the institutes, departments and also to external users.
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User Services

Ruddigkeit, Olaf

User Services provides and operates software based central and local services/applications, namely e-mail, web-ser­ver, databases.

Application Services (FWCA)

Rex, Andreas

Head of the Department:
Andreas Rex,
Tel.: 0351 260 3339,