Departments of Information Services and Computing

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Welcome to the HZDR Library

Reschke, Edith

The library is responsible for supplying high-quality range of literature and ­information. It provides innovative services available in the fields of documentation, publication and ­information ­manage­ment. Electronic and printed media can be provided from the library stock or procured from other libraries. The libary is responsible for managing the licensed reference and specialist databases.
The library advises on all matters of scientific publishing,supervises the publication database and provides bibliometric analyses.
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The Computational Science Group

Dr. Juckeland, Guido

The Computational Science Group is responsible for enabling the scientific usage of IT. The group is helping the scientists at HZDR with their modeling, simulation, or experiments of natural processes. The group offers joint development of new or optimization of existing applications, development of IT workflows and the support with ­manage­ment of complex or massive amounts of data.
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Dr. Schulz, Henrik

The IT Infrastructure division is responsible for the provision of a highly available data and communication network as well as ser­vers for the services provided by the department of Information Services and Computing to all users of the institutes, departments and also to external users.
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Software and Services

Schmeißer, Nils

Software and Services provides and operates software based central and local services/applications, namely e-mail, web-ser­ver, databases.