Prof. Dr. Joachim Wosnitza

Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Phone: +49 351 260 3524

Julia Blöcker

Secretary/ Administration,
Phone: +49 351 260 3527

Nicole Zimmermann

Phone: +49 351 260 3535


Publikation: Spin–orbital liquid state and liquid–gas metamagnetic transition on a pyrochlore lattice

Tang, N. et al., Nature Physics (2022)

Publication: Signatures of a magnetic-field-induced Lifshitz transition in the ultra-quantum limit of the topological semimetal ZrTe5

Galeski, S. et al., Nature Comm. 13 (2022), 7418

Publication: Dimensional reduction and incommensurate dynamic correlations in the S = 1/2 triangularlattice antiferromagnet Ca3ReO5Cl2

Zvyagin, S. A. et al., Nature Comm. 13 (2022), 6310

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Staff of Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory

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Head/ Administration

NameBld./Office+49 351 260Email
Prof. Dr. Joachim Wosnitza613/1013524
Julia Blöcker613/1033527,
Nicole Zimmermann613/1273535,

Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

NameBld./Office+49 351 260Email
Dr. Thomas Herrmannsdörfer613/1293320
Dr. Lakshmi Bhaskaran613/2253514
Eduard Bykov613/2192740
Dr. Sumanta Chattopadhyay613/2273549
Dr. Alina Maria Deac613/2033709
Steffen Dittrich613/2053528
Dr. Tino Gottschall613/1143450
Dr. Jonas Gronemann613/1192567
Dr. Toni Helm613/1133314
Dr. Tommy Kotte613/1182564,
Dr. Hannes Kühne613/1243523
Sven Luther613/1042566
Timo Niehoff613/2192741
Ena Osmic613/1042566
Sabrina Palazzese di Basilio613/1212561
Dr. Catalina Salazar Mejia613/2262004
Dr. Iurii Scurschii613/1253421
Dr. Marc Uhlarz613/2132091
Dr. Shingo Yamamoto613/2283541
Larysa Zviagina613/1153344
Dr. Sergei Zvyagin613/1263517

Magnet Technologies and Research Infrastructure

NameBld./Office+49 351 260Email
Dr. Sergei Zherlitsyn613/1282617
Mario Gulich613/2053528
Andreas Hauspurg613/1192567
Mirko Krause621/1013584
Dr. Atsuhiko Miyata613/2283541
Fiona Ritzmann550/1042635
Christian Rückert613/2212560
Andreas Wobst550/1613841