MULTIMAG (MULTIpurpose MAGnetic field system) is a facility for research on magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) phenomena. As a rule static magnetic fields damp flow, whereas alternating fields drive it. MULTIMAG can be used to combine rotating, travelling, pulsating and static magnetic fields. Because no ferromagnetic materials are used, any linear superpossition of various field types are possible. The magnetic flux-density is variable over a large range to carry out experiments in the laminar flow regime as well as in the turbulent regime which are typical in industrial applications. Investigations were conducted with rotating magnetic fields as low as 1/5 of the Earth magnetic flux-density (0.05mT). Magnetic flux-density for rotating field can be increased up to 55mT at 1000Hz in the center of the experimental volume. Static flux-density is up to 300mT may be used for damp the melt flow and the accompanying turbulence.

Sketch of the MULTIMAG coil system
Rotating field specifications Traveling field specifications
multimag top view multimag front view