Services and Contact Persons

Using the navigation on the left side you can find a lot of information about our IT services at the HZDR. In case of problems with your information technology, please make a support request at our helpdesk, contact the local administrator of your institut or call the telephone hotline 3317 in urgent cases.

Head of the Central Department: Dr. Uwe Konrad  Tel.: 3264  e-mail:

LibraryHead: Edith Reschke Tel: 3364

Area Contact Phone number
Library management, on-line catalog, subject indexing, Artothek Edith Reschke 3364
Books, Literature, Collections Romy Schindler 2942
InterlibraryLoan, Archive Sarah Pansow 2074
Journals, E-books Isabell Edelhäuser 2225
Document Ordering, Standards Wenke Redel 2309
Publication Databases, STN searches, Databases Kerstin Henrion 3147
IT Administration, Printing & Binding management Sara Müller 3140

Computational Science Head: Dr. Guido Juckeland Tel.: 3660

Scientific computing and algorithms Jeffrey Kelling 3680
Performance analysis and optimization of scientific applications Dr. Guido Juckeland 3660
Data management and data-lifecycle workflows for scientific data Tobias Frust 3604

IT-Infrastructure Head: Dr. Henrik Schulz Tel.: 3268

Data networks, Planning, IP-Management, Routing Dr. Siegmar Lieber 3340
Firewalls, VPN Dr. Uwe Konrad 3264
Network management, active and passive components Uwe Eisold 3330
Network Installation, wireless LAN, IP-phones Torsten Hantzsche 3337
DNS, DHCP Iven Holstein 2661
Voice- and Fax Communication, OpenScape UC, Xpressions Olaf Schlettig 3340 / 2666
High Performance Computing Dr. Henrik Schulz 3268
Domain Management, Windows-Server Uwe Hofmann / Robby Gorek 2337 / 3610
E-mail, Storage Systems, Server Jens Steiner 3266
Server based applications (Citrix) Uwe Hofmann 2337

Software and Services Head: Nils Schmeißer Tel: 2207

Archiving, backup, user accounts Kirstin Wandelt 2574
Databases, licenses, Web Applications Nils Schmeißer 2207
Databases, GATE, HZDRcloud, Sharepoint Oliver Urban 3063
Desktop support Andreas Geyer 3317 / 3300
Web Content Management System (CMS), Web Applications Carsten Rücker 2171
IT-Security, virus protection Robby Gorek 3610
Poster, printing, scanning, laminating,  DVD burning Andreas Geyer 3300
Software Management and Administration Katrin Paul 3334
Standard Hardware Nils Schmeißer 3264

Business Cards, digital Certificates, Administration, Intranet, agreements, regulations, forms

Kerstin Ries 2190
Scientific Applications, Programming, LaTeX Nils Schmeißer, Oliver Urban 2207 / 3063
Projects on the Web (MS SharePoint) Robby Gorek 3610