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TOPFLOW Tomography laboratory

In 2012 the TOPFLOW facility was extended with a tomography laboratory. It is a radiological shelter with the following dimensions: Length: 7 m, width: 3.4 m and height: 2.3 m. The laboratory was established in a basement of the TOPFLOW building. The ceiling and the entry side wall are protected with 8 mm lead sheets so that in the laboratory X-ray sources with an acceleration voltage of 150 kV up to a beam current of 500 mA can be used.

Panorama TOPFLOW tomography laboratory

View into the tomography laboratory

The following media are available in the laboratory:

  • Saturated steam up to a pressure of 6.5 MPa and a mass flow of maximal 1,4 kg/s,
  • Demineralized water in a temperature range of 40 – 281 °C at a pressure of maximal 6.5 MPa and a mass flow up to 1 kg/s,
  • Cooling water (demineralized) up to 30 kg/s with an inlet temperature of around 35 °C,
  • Electrical power up to 200 kW from a high current source (DC voltage of 20 V with a maximum current of 10 kA),
  • Cooling water for electronic devices with a temperature of around 20 °C,
  • Pressurized air up to 0.6 MPa,
  • Electric energy 230 V (partly UPS),
  • Electric energy 380 V / 32 A and
  • Local area network interfaces.

Furthermore separate blow-off pipes for water and steam with two parallel regulating valves each are available.

The tomography laboratory is accessibly through a 2 x 0.75 m door. Additionally a transportation porthole may be opened so that a window of approximately 3,2 x 1,8 m is available.

The tomography laboratory was used for investigation of condensation phenomena in a slightly inclined pipe by an X-ray tomograph (center of the picture) and a heat flux probe.