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International Office

The International Office advises and supports visiting scientists and researchers from abroad as well as international users of our research facilities - together with their families- in planning and organizing their stay in Dresden.

We want to be your central contact point for any and all questions you may have regarding your stay at the HZDR.

Our services include:

  • Assisting international guests with formalities that need to be completed upon arrival, including information about the current regulations on traveling to Germany
  • Providing general information about procedures with public authorities
  • Assistance in searching for a suitable accommodation
  • Offering families support in finding a place in a daycare or school
  • Organizing and providing information about suitable leisure and recreational activities
  • Organizing the international Summer Student Program
  • For detailed information, please see our welcome guide.

General information about the current Pandemic situation
and the local ruling:

Arriving from a risk area

Travel and quarantine regulations for people arriving from risk areas

All people entering the country from a risk area have to register before starting the trip under or fill out this form at arrival.

Official Corona sites: Information about the new regulations in Saxony and in Dresden

Further information:

Information on the coronavirus from the national government

RKI-Information on Covid-19

RKI-Risk areas

Rules and recommendations on behavior

Dealing with symptoms of colds in children

Together against Corona



Corona pandemic - New general ruling in Dresden:

These are the current corona rules in Saxony. They apply from January 14 until February 6. They are based not only on the incidence figures of the Robert Koch Institute but also on hospital bed occupancy by Covid 19 patients in Saxony.


Duty to wear masks and 3G for buses and trains

From 24 November only recovered, vaccinated or tested persons are allowed to use buses and trains without restriction. Non-vaccinated passengers must carry proof of a negative Corona antigen rapid test with them when using these means of transport. Self-tests are not recognized. Children up to the age of 6 are exempt from the 3G regulation. It also applies for schoolchildren, as they are regularly tested at school.

A FFP2 nasal-mouth protection should be worn, not only
in public transport (bus, train, taxi, etc.) but also in closed rooms like:

  • In work and business premises except at the immediate workplace, provided that the minimum distance of 1.5 meters can  be maintained there
  • In doctors' practices and clinics (except in the treatment room and for in-patients in their rooms)
  • Spaces open to the public with regular public access (e.g. shopping centers, religious buildings)
  • In front of and inside daycare and school buildings and on the school premises
  • When staying at bus stops and railway stations

Children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 14, as well as students who are regularly tested, must wear at least one medical mask.


  • For movement without stopping with means of transport
  • For children under six years
  • During sports activities

Infringements are subject to a fine of up to 60 euros.

Contact restrictions

  • Reduce contacts with people outside your home to the absolute minimum necessary.
  • Keep the number of permissible contacts as constant and small as possible.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people.

Until the 6 February

  • Gatherings and celebrations with persons of one's own household, the partner and persons for whom there is a right of custody and access are possible without restriction.

  • Gatherings and celebrations with one household and a maximum of one other person from another haushold, if that person hasn´t been vaccinated or has recovered.

  • Private gatherings with a maximum of 10 people are possible, if all guests have been vaccinated or are recovered. Children under 16 years of age and personal assistants of persons with disabilities are not counted

  • It is strongly recommended to make a test prior to a meeting or gathering


  • Use a nasal-moth protection in public areas
  • Wash your hands regularily
  • Avoid hand-face contac
  • Use the Corona Warning App
  • Regular ventilation in closed rooms

Workplace 3G regulations

Employers and employees must carry proof of vaccination and recovery or a current certificate of a negative corona test when entering the workplace.
Employers must monitor whether employees are complying with this requirement and document these checks.

Home office obligation

In the case of office work or comparable activities, the employer must offer the employees the opportunity to carry out these activities in their homes if there are no compelling operational reasons to the contrary. The employees must accept this offer if there are no reasons to the contrary.

Mandatory testing

Employees are required to offer rapid antigen testing or self-testing in their establishments at least twice a week for all workers in attendance.

Please use the offer of the HZDR and ask for a corona rapid test in the secretary of your institute.

All employees, who have been absent for at least five consecutive working days due to vacations and comparable leaves of absence from duty or work, have to make a corona test before returning to their working place.

You can also make a rapid test for free in many test centers and drugstores in the city.

Duty to inform in case of positive corona test

With the new regulation, Corona-positive individuals must also inform their families and contacts of their test result themselves. They, in turn, are also required to quarantine themselves independently and they should take a PCR test.

Quarantine obligation

  • in case of positive test
  • in case of direct contact with positive case
  • in case of suspected own infection

Rules to enter retail stores

  • Access  to the shops for customers only with proof of vaccination or recovery (2G)
  • Compliance with contact restrictions and distance rules
  • Mask requirement

Exceptions to the rule are stores for daily needs

Sources of information

BMAS (Coronavirus)


Information from Dresden Welcome Center and Immigration Office

In order to enter any public office, you should present a proof of vaccination, recovery or a valid antigen test (3G)

Due to the precautions to protect the health of employees and visitors, it is only possible to visit these offices with an appointment. Spontaneous visits are not possible.

The extensions of your already ordered residence permit will be sent out via post. Please make sure your mailbox is labelled and you are registered at your proper address. (Please acknowledge the delivery by sending the attached letter back.)

Contact information - Welcome Center: 0351/488 6051 -

In urgent cases you can contact the immigration office at the hotline 0351-488 6009.

(Mon./Wed./Fri. from 9:00 to 12:00 - Tue./Thu. from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00)

These regulations also apply to the citizens offices. Requests can only be made in the nearest citizens' office by appointment. Please call the respective office or the hotline 0351 488 - 6070.

Note: the current situation is dynamic. Please inform yourself about new regulations under the links given below.