Condensing flow

Promising results for adiabatic flows encouraged to extent the HZDR baseline model(1) for other conditions, for example, with phase change(2), chemical reaction(3), as well as material systems other than air-water , e. g. Argon-GaInSn(4). In the present work, it is applied for condensing steam-water flows inside a large vertical pipe.

Figure 1 shows the simulated steam distribution during its condensation in sub-cooled water under different pressure p, inlet sub-cooling degree ΔT as well as orifice size rorifice.

Modelling of interphase heat transfer coefficient is another active research topic. Figure 2 show the evolution of steam volume fraction along the pipe obtained by using the Tomiyam and the Ranz-Marshall correlations.

The poly-disperse iMUSIG-approach(5) is used to capture the change of Sauter mean diameter of steam bubbles at condensation.

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