Arnd Junghans

Address:   Dr. Arnd Junghans
Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Institute of Radiation Physics
Bautzner Landstrasse 400
D-01328 Dresden

Phone: +49 351 260 3589
Fax:      +49 351 260 1 3589
E-mail:  A.Junghans(at)

Research Projects:

Nuclear Physics Data measurements  with the time-of-flight experiments nELBE and CERN n_TOF

Nuclear diagnostics for laser particle acceleration at DRACO

EURATOM Accelerator and Research Reactor Infrastructures  for Education and Learning (ARIEL),
grant no. 847594


Nuclear Physics: Fundamentals and Applications

Bachelor and Master theses

List of publications (ORCID)  Curriculum vitae