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Institute of fluid dynamics - activities

Activities 2024

May 27-29, 2024 4th International Workshop on Measuring Techniques for Liquid Metal Flows (MTLM2024)
The workshop will assess the state-of-the-art and discuss recent developments in the challenging field of measuring techniques for opaque liquid metals, thereby including also related multiphase flows.
June 17-20, 2024 SWINTH-2024 - Specialist Workshop on Advanced Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques for Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics and Severe Accidents
The international workshop gathers distinguished experts and aspiring young scientists from the fields of thermal-hydraulic instrumentation and accident management to discuss the current state of science and technology as well as future research and development needs.
September 2-5,2024 GLS-16 - 16th International Conference on Gas–Liquid and Gas–Liquid–Solid Reactor Engineering
The conference aims to introduce and discuss recent advances in the field of multiphase reactors and processes with applications in chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and environmental engineering. The conference theme is „Multiscale Simulations and Experimental Studies for an Advanced Understanding of Multiphase Reactors“.
November 11-15, 2024 Multiphase Flows - Simulation, Experiment and Application
Multiphase flows are of great interest to a large variety of industries. The power generation, nuclear reactor technology, food production, chemical process, aerospace and automotive industries are all driving forces in this complex field.

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