Annual Report 2006

Institute of Radiation Physics

The Annual Report 2006 of the Institute of Radiations Physics was printed in May 2007 as the report FZD-461 of the Forschungszentrum Dresden - Rossendorf.

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Cover Picture:
Cross section trough the HADES installation with some acronyms labelling important components: RICH: Ring Imaging Cherenkov,  MAGNET: supraconducting magnet coils,  MDC I - IV: Multi-wire Drift Chambers,  TOF: Time Of Flight wall,  Shower: shower detector.
MDC III (highlighted in red) is built in FZD. The detector is azimuthally symmetric around the Z-axis (blue horizontal line labelled by Z, which also depicts the beam direction; the red dot indicates the target position). More than 100 scientists from 19 institutions in 10 countries join the HADES Collaboration. HADES operates at the heavy ion synchrotron SIS18 in GSI/Darmstadt.
The graph exhibits a first spectrum of dielectrons measured with HADES in the reaction 12C(2AGeV)+12C (for details, see Phys. Rev. Lett. 98 (2007) 052302 and related contributions in this Annual Report). The measurements are aimed at unveiling the origin of masses of selected hadrons.

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