Departments of the Central Department of Research Technology (FWF)

Department of Measurement Technology - FWFE elektronische Baugruppe

  • Sensor and front end electronics
  • Control and feedback control systems, process control
  • Electrical drive engineering
  • Special power supplies, power electronics
  • Acquisition and processing of large amounts of data, image processing
  • Components for electron accelerators, beamline calculations, simulations

Contact: Dr. Gerald Wedel; phone: +49 351 260 3084, email:

Department of Instrumentation - FWFI Visualisierung

  • Special instrumentation based on standard bus systems and multiprocessor systems
  • Networking of various instrumentation systems
  • Automation of experiments
  • Data processing of experimental data
  • Control systems for accelerators

Contact: Wagner, Nicole; phone: +49 351 260 2563, email:

Department of Mechanical Engineering - FWFM Spiegelkammer FEL U100

  • Mechanical development using Creo 4.0 (3-D) and AutoCAD (2-D)
  • Precision engineering
  • Construction of vessels
  • Nuclear equipment
  • Components for electron accelerators

Contact: Freyer, Nico; phone: +49 351 260 3185, email:

Department of Mechanical Technology - FWFT FWFT Fraesprozess

  • Turning & Milling (also CNC-Turning and CNC-Milling), Wire-cut EDM
  • Stock keeping of pre-products and standard parts
  • Cutting of pre-products , for example with bandsaw or waterjet cutting system
  • Welding and metalworking for structural steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal
  • Shaping of sheet
  • Precision engineering, inspection and testing of vacuum components
  • Bonding , casting (resin technology), cleaning, degreasing

Contact: Riedel, Thomas; phone: +49 351 260 2984, email: