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HZDR Research Magazine "discovered"

"Discovered" is the English-language edition of our research magazine; usually it is published biannually like the magazine's German-language edition "entdeckt".

Each new issue of this easy-to-read magazine has a major focus, be it repository research, magnetic fields and forces, or cancer research. The magazine keeps you informed about research at the HZDR, new staff members or work groups as well as interesting events.

Research Magazine "discovered" 1/2021 (November 2021)

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Title: XXL Researching in extreme labs

  • Sharper X-ray vision for radiating elements
  • Thimble-sized research lab
  • Extreme states underground

Research | Portrait

  • Imaging the invisible enemy
  • Same method! Same result?

Research Magazine "discovered" 1/2018 (September 2018)

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Title: A new spin in nanoelectronics

  • The gateway to a new world of electronics
  • The magnetic wave
  • From nanomagnets to storage giants

Research | Portrait

  • Dresden's dynamo
  • The long journey from lab to clinic
  • Gazing into the stars by laser shot

Research Magazine "discovered" 2/2017 (February 2018)

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Title: The hunt for raw materials

  • Germany's hidden treasures
  • A foam bath for ores
  • When the wind stops blowing
  • Energy diet for microchips
  • Back to the factory instead of in the garbage

Research | Portrait

  • When magnets become frustrated
  • Color lies in the beholder's ... gender
  • At the very bottom of the periodic table

Research Magazine "discovered" 1/2017 (October 2017)

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Title: A Focus on Cancer

  • A clear view of cancer
  • "Turn right for the tumor"
  • Science defies Sisyphos
  • A building block for customized cancer therapy

Portrait | Research

  • How to simulate a giant planet in the lab
  • Mini-accelerators for research
  • A glimpse into the black box of flow
  • "We will be more dependent on resources"

Research Magazine "discovered" 2/2016 (February 2017)

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discovered 02.2016

Title: Undiscovered Worlds

  • Geodynamo, star formation and better batteries
  • A look inside the stars
  • Ultrashort pulses sharpen the view
  • An architectural gem for science
  • X-ray unleashed
  • Shooting a laser at nothing
  • Marching apart, battling together
  • The daily race against time
  • "We set the right course"

... and ...

  • Research
  • Portrait
  • Panorama - HZDR news

Research Magazine "discovered" 1/2016 (August 2016)

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discovered 01.2016

Title: Superlaser

  • Lasers as Particle Turbos
  • Laser Illustration
  • Extreme-tuning a Power Laser
  • Plasma Flash in the Supercomputer
  • Shifting the Boundaries in the Nano World
  • The Telltale Glow of Minerals
  • When Uranium Responds to Laser Pulses

... and ...

  • Research
  • Portrait
  • Panorama - HZDR news

Research Magazine "discovered" 2/2015 (April 2016)

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Title: Uranium, Plutonium & Co.

  • Corrosion Has Its Advantages
  • Life in a Mountain
  • Bound in the Depths: Rock Keeps Radionuclides Contained
  • Near and Far
  • Underground Storage for High-level Radioactive Waste: The Multibarrier Concept
  • Germany Is Up to the Task: The Storage of Highly Radioactive Waste
  • Down to the Atomic Level
  • Understanding the Little Things Makes a Big Difference

... and ...

  • Research
  • Portrait
  • Panorama - HZDR news

Research Magazine "discovered" 1/2015 (August 2015)

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Title: Great Young Talents

  • The future of electronics
  • New materials for magnetic cooling
  • A sieve for molecules
  • Shedding light on darkness
  • Slant, spin, split – how to get things flowing
  • A cellular watchdog
  • Lego tackles cancer

... and ...

  • Research
  • Portraits
  • Panorama - HZDR news

Research Magazine "entdeckt" 2/2014 (December 2014)

German-language edition

Download (pdf; 2,4 MB) or E-Paper

entdeckt 02.2014

Research Magazine "entdeckt" 1/2014 (July 2014)

German-language edition

Download (pdf; 2,3 MB) or E-Paper

entdeckt 1.2014

Research Magazine "discovered" 2/2013 (November 2013)

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Title discovered 2_2013   Title: Valuable Resources
  • Simulated flows

  • Harvesting sunlight

  • Waste that is brimming with energy

  • From the "test tube" to the chemical reactor

  • New coating concepts to offset friction

  • Scarce, scarcer, Helium

  • Ore mountains

  • "It is about actively maintaining our expertise"

... and ...

  • Research
  • Portraits
  • Panorama - HZDR news

Research Magazine "discovered" 1/2013 (June 2013)

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  Title: Extreme Matter
  • The new ELBE
  • Defects for the future
  • Small but brilliant: the HZDR's new X-ray source
  • Superradiant terahertz source
  • Ultrafast detectors for ion research at FAIR
  • Bundled irradiation power
  • Spin-off as model
  • An experiment with our swaying Earth
  • Florida to Rossendorf

... and ...

  • Collaborations
  • Portraits
  • Panorama - HZDR news

Research Magazine "discovered" 2/2012 (September 2012)

Download (pdf; 4 MB) or E-Paper

  Title: Results
  • Germany's new energy turnaround - saving energy in steel casting
  • When electrons pair up and troublemakers are forced into a corner
  • Tiny transporters for rays that can cure cancer
  • Targeting the tumor with just the right dose
  • Shedding new light on laser heating - electrons heated to several billion degrees
  • Water versus steam - comparing unequal forces in industrial plants
  • The strange life of electrons
  • When containers start to rust

... and ...

  • Collaborations
  • Portraits
  • Panorama

Research Magazine "entdeckt" 1/2012 (July 2012)

German-language edition

Download (pdf; 2,6 MB)


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Simon Schmitt

Head Communication & Media Relations
Science Editor
Communication & Media Relations
Phone: +49 351 260 3400

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