User Facilities for Europe

...introducing the large-scale research facilities at the HZDR

The information folder "User Facilities for Europe" contains four flyers, introducing the four large-scale research facilities at the HZDR respectively.




Titelbild Flyer Ionenstrahlzentrum

The Ion Beam Centre houses ion beam and plasma devices that deliver ions at energies between approximately 10eV and 50 MeV for materials modification and analysis, as well as for thin-film deposition.

Download the flyer "Ion Beam Centre" (PDF 0,4MB)

The Rossendorfer Beamline (ROBL), located at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, may be used for a large variety of spectroscopic and scattering techniques. Especially hard X-rays provide versatile tools to probe physical and chemical states of matter in an almost unlimited variety of samples. ROBL is one of the few synchrotron beamlines worldwide, where radioactive samples may be investigated.

Download the flyer "Rossendorf BeamLine at ESRF" (PDF 0,4MB)

The Radiation Source ELBE features numerous particle and photon beams. Its electron beam is applied both directly and through the production of high-energy photons, neutrons, and positrons. Two attached free-electron lasers deliver high-intensity coherent infrared light.

Download the flyer "Radiation Source Elbe" (PDF 0,4MB)

The Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory has set an ambitious goal in providing 100 Tesla in millisecond.pulses for advanced materials research in order to study the electronic properties of material such as high-temperatures superconductors or semiconductors, even in combination with the ELBE free-electron lasers.

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