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Biological Laboratory Technician (f/m/d) Ausbildung Biologielaborant/-in

Would you like to learn a particularly diverse profession that ranges from biotechnology, molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology to botany, zoology, ecology, pharmacology and medicine? Are you eager to experiment? Then apply here for vocational training as a biological laboratory technician (f/m/d)!

This is what our former trainee Marie has to say:

"The fascinating thing about our profession as a biological laboratory technician is that you gain an insight into the most diverse areas of medicine and biology and are able to think outside the box, especially during your training.

With the help of the trainers at the SBG, the vocational school and the HZDR, you will learn good laboratory practice and a wide range of skills in areas such as biochemistry, histology, genetics, microbiology, molecular biology and zoology. At the HZDR in particular, you will have the opportunity to participate in innovative cancer research and therefore contribute to the development of new cancer therapies.

If you are looking for a profession that presents you with new challenges every day and is characterized by varied work, then the profession of the biological laboratory technician is just right for you!"

Training contents

  • carrying out biological investigations (preparing laboratory animals, propagating plant cuttings and tissue cultures), microbiological investigations (preparing and inoculating culture media) and clinical-chemical investigations
  • developing test series on plants, microorganisms and animals
  • documenting measurement results
  • carrying out calculations using a PC and statistically evaluating results
  • operating and maintaining laboratory equipment and facilities


  • good to very good performance in the natural sciences and English
  • willingness to perform, experimental skills and an extremely concentrated, careful and precise way of working
  • non-sensitive skin and no allergies
  • willingness to handle (radioactive) hazardous substances

School leaving certificate

  • very good secondary school certificate or good A-levels

Vocational school and practical partners

Duration of vocational training

  • 3.5 years (in case of top performance, a reduction to 3 years is possible)

Leading trainer

  • Mareike Barth

Typical areas of employment after training

  • areas of biological and medical research
  • areas of applied medicine and public health care
  • industrial sectors
    • pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
    • food production
    • environmental technology
    • companies that manufacture biotechnical products

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