Vocational training and further education

The HZDR is committed to creating optimal working conditions for its employees. High scientific productivity requires motivated and well-qualified staff.

Vocational training

Just like in the scientific field, the HZDR provides excellent young talent in a total of ten vocational training professions and four dual study programs. Highly qualified trainers provide solid practical training in modern laboratories, workshops and offices. The training takes place in an international environment and in close cooperation with renowned partners. Trainees' interests are represented by the youth and trainee representatives (JAV).

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Kristin Krutenat

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Porträt Krutenat, Kristin; FKVP

Ines Göhler

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Porträt Göhler, Ines; FKVP

Anne Pötzsch

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Porträt Pötzsch, Anne; FKVP