Porträt Prof. Dr. Kopka, Klaus; FWP

Prof. Dr. Klaus Kopka

Director Institute of Radio­pharma­ceutical Cancer Research
Phone: +49 351 260 2060

Katrin Gerstner

Secretary Reactive Transport / Neuroradiopharmaceuticals
Research Site Leipzig
Phone: +49 351 260 4601

Department of Neuroradiopharmaceuticals

The main research focus of the Department of Neuroradiopharmaceuticals is the development and evaluation of radiolabelled ligands (radiotracers) in order to investigate brain functions in living organism. The application of the radiotracers provides images of transport, metabolic and neurotransmission processes on the molecular level. The method used in humans to acquire such information is positron emission tomography (PET), the most sensitive and specific method available at present. Through integration of chemical/radiochemical, pharmaceutical/radiopharmaceutical, biochemical and radiopharmacological basic research, computational chemistry and with the aid of nuclear medicine diagnostic, a new approach in neuroscience will be made available. The foremost importance of this approach would be the monitoring of the therapy of glioblastoma or brain diseases such as neurodegeneration. An example for the whole process of radiotracer development from the idea to clinical use was documented in a video of Beilstein-TV.

Already for many years, a close collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Leipzig (in particular the departments of Nuclear Medicine and Psychiatry and the Paul-Flechsig Institute of Brain Research) and with the Institute of Pharmacy in the field of radiotracer development for neuroimaging of brain diseases exists. These research projects are integrated in the Top Level Research Areas at the University of Leipzig. Further participation in external research projects includes the following fields: obesity, neuroinflammation, and functional imaging.

Research Topics