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New International Student Program in Dresden

Press Release published on 01.08.2012

For the first time ever, an international summer student program will be held at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR). Ten students from Europe, Asia, and Africa will work on current research topics in the sectors health, matter, and energy. They will also attend a joint lecture series at the HZDR which will start on August 3.

Ten participants were selected from numerous applications that came from four continents. They will work at the research center between five and twelve weeks. One of the students whose applications were successful is Ewa Kowalska. The 23 year old Polish student comes from the small town of Łowicz, about 80 km from Warsaw, where she studied materials science. She has already been working at the HZDR for several weeks now. “I like the work atmosphere here, and I really appreciate the opportunity of trying things out by myself; this wasn’t possible during my studies. After I have completed my studies, I definitely want to work in science; more specifically, in the materials science sector,” says Ewa Kowalska. Together with her supervisor Dr. Kay Potzger, who had co organized the summer program, she is conducting research in the interface magnetism sector. This includes, for example, the investigation of effects in magnetic layers. “The experiences gained with the students are very positive. Since a jury consisting of four scientists selects the participants, these participants actually consider their election to be a distinct honor which is why they put a lot of commitment and passion into their work,” notes Kay Potzger.

The program for summer students includes, in addition to the work at the institutes, also lectures held by HZDR scientists. At the end of the internship, every student will present his or her work at the institutes. During guided tours, the summer students will gain an insight into the research conducted at all HZDR institutes.

The HZDR supports the participants with a scholarship amounting to € 250 per week, and they get to live for free in the new guest house on the HZDR premises.

On August 6, Scientific Director Prof. Roland Sauerbrey will welcome the students with a presentation about the HZDR’s research activities. Afterwards, everyone will be invited to a barbecue. The foreign guests can also explore Dresden and its environs during their leisure time. For example, the HZDR organizes excursions to Saxon Switzerland and the Forest Rope Park Bühlau.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Kay Potzger
Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research
Phone: +49 351 260-3244

Press Contact
Dr. Christine Bohnet
Press Officer
Phone: +49 351 260-2450 or +49 160 969 288 56