Dr. Dr. h.c. Gun­ter Gerbeth

Director Institute of Fluid Dynamics
Phone: +49 351 260 3480
+49 351 260 3484

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Helmholtz Alliances

Helmholtz Alliances bring together universities, Helmholtz Centres and other non-university research institutions to work on collaborative research projects. Research partners from abroad and companies can also be included. Helmholtz Alliances have their own management structure and develop concepts specifically designed to promote young talent and equal opportunity. Their objective: to identify important new research topics quickly and to address these with the requisite resources.

Foto: Magneto-hydrodynamics: Steel Casting Using Magnetic Fields (Picture: AIFilm) ©Copyright: AI Films

Helmholtz Alliance - Liquid Metal Techno­logies (LIMTECH)

The basic idea of LIMTECH consists in a joint research programme among those partners, addressing break-through technological goals by bringing together for the first time all relevant Helmholtz and uni­versity institutions. In this way, the partly existing worldwide leading role of the German community in this field shall be continuously strengthened.
Foto: Helmhotz-Energieallianz - reference picture ©Copyright: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Uwe Hampel

Helmholtz Energy Alliance

The Helmholtz-Energy-Alliance „Energy Efficient Multiphase Processes“ carries out research and development for new process ­techno­logies in multiphase reaction engineering.