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Recent publications in refereed journals

Sinnes, J. P.; Nagel, J.; Waldron, B. P.; Maina, T.; Nock, B. A.; Bergmann, R. K. and others

Instant kit preparation of 68Ga-radiopharmaceuticals via the hybrid chelator DATA: clinical translation of [68Ga]Ga-DATA-TOC

EJNMMI Research 9(2019), 48

Böttger, S.; Wagner, C.; Lorkowski, F.; Hartmann, M.; Schuster, J.; Hermann, S.

Sensitivity control of carbon nanotube based piezoresistive sensors by drain-induced barrier lowering

Sensors and Actuators A 295(2019), 288-295

Ludwig, F.-A.; Fischer, S.; Houska, R.; Hoepping, A.; Deuther-Conrad, W.; Schepmann, D. and others

In vitro and in vivo Human Metabolism of (S)-[18F]Fluspidine – a Radioligand for Imaging σ1 Receptors with Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

Frontiers in Pharmacology 10(2019)

Reissig, F.; Hübner, R.; Steinbach, J.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Mamat, C.

Radium-doped BaSO4 NPs as functionalized precursors for future targeted alpha therapy

Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 6(2019), 1341-1349

Burisch, M.; Gerdes, A.; Meinert, L.; Albert, R.; Seifert, T.; Gutzmer, J.

The essence of time – fertile skarn formation in the Variscan Orogenic Belt

Earth and Planetary Science Letters 519(2019), 165-170

Haffa, D.; Yang, R.; Bin, J.; Lehrack, S.; Brack, F.-E.; Ding, H. and others

I-BEAT: Ultrasonic method for online measurement of the energy distribution of a single ion bunch

Scientific Reports 9(2019), 6714

Gilljohann, M. F.; Ding, H.; Döpp, A.; Götzfried, J.; Schindler, S.; Schilling, G. and others

Direct Observation of Plasma Waves and Dynamics Induced by Laser-Accelerated Electron Beams

Physical Review X 9(2019), 011046

Barzola-Quiquia, J.; Esquinazi, P. D.; Precker, C. E.; Stiller, M.; Zoraghi, M.; Förster, T. and others

High-field magnetoresistance of graphite revised

Physical Review Materials 3(2019), 054603

Kumar, N.; Sun, Y.; Nicklas, M.; Watzmann, S. J.; Young, O.; Leermakers, I. and others

Extremely high conductivity observed in the triple point topological metal MoP

Nature Communications 10(2019), 2475

Wyżga, P.; Veremchuk, I.; Himcinshi, C.; Burkhardt, U.; Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Bobnar, M. and others

Indium thiospinel In1-xxIn2S4 – structural characterization and thermoelectric properties

Dalton Transactions 48(2019), 8350-8360

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