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Beyreuther, E.; Brand, M.; Hans, S.; Hideghety, K.; Karsch, L.; Leßmann, E. and others

Feasibility of proton FLASH effect tested by zebrafish embryo irradiation

Radiotherapy and Oncology (2019)

Wehmeier, L.; Döring, J.; Lang, D.; Fehrenbacher, M.; Shafer, P.; Yu, P. and others

Near-field phonon nanoscopy of oxides: SrTiO₃, LiNbO₃, and PbZr₀.₂Ti₀.₈O₃

Physical Review B 100(2019), 035444

Sarker, D.; Ding, W.; Schneider, C.; Hampel, U.

Single bubble dynamics during nucleate flow boiling on a vertical heater: Experimental and theoretical analysis of the effect of surface wettability,roughness and bulk liquid velocity

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 142(2019)

Personnettaz, P.; Landgraf, S.; Nimtz, M.; Weber, N.; Weier, T.

Mass transport induced asymmetry in charge/discharge behavior of liquid metal batteries

Electrochemistry Communications 105(2019), 106496

Koll, D.; Korschinek, G.; Faestermann, T.; Gómez-Guzmán, J.; Kipfstuhl, S.; Merchel, S. and others

Interstellar ⁶⁰Fe in Antarctica

Physical Review Letters 123(2019), 072701

Xu, M.; Liu, X.; Li, M.; Liu, K.; Qu, G.; Wang, V. and others

Transient Characteristics of Interdigitated GaAs Photoconductive Semiconductor Switch at 1-kHz Excitation

IEEE Electron Device Letters 40(2019)7, 1136-1138

Shi, P.; Rzehak, R.

Lift Forces on Solid Spherical Particles in Unbounded Flows

Chemical Engineering Science 208(2019)

Lammel, M.; Schlitz, R.; Geishendorf, K.; Makarov, D.; Kosub, T.; Fabretti, S. and others

Spin Hall magnetoresistance in heterostructures consisting of noncrystalline paramagnetic YIG and Pt

Applied Physics Letters 114(2019), 252402

Prüfer, T.; Möller, W.; Heinig, K.-H.; Wolf, D.; Engelmann, H.-J.; Xu, X. and others

Computer Modeling of Single-layer Nanocluster Formation in a Thin SiO2 Layer Buried in Si by Ion Mixing and Thermal Phase Decomposition

Journal of Applied Physics 125(2019)22

Hoberück, S.; Wunderlich, G.; Michler, E.; Hölscher, T.; Walther, M.; Seppelt, D. and others

Dual-time-point 64Cu-PSMA-617-PET/CT in patients suffering from prostate cancer

Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals 62(2019)8, 523-532

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