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Recent publications in refereed journals

Ishii, I.; Takezawa, K.; Goto, H.; Kamikawa, S.; Andreev, A. V.; Gorbunov, D. I. and others

Ultrasonic Study on the Hexagonal Antiferromagnet Dy3Ru4Al12

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 807(2017), 012002

Averkiev, N. S.; Bersuker, I. B.; Gudkov, V. V.; Zhevstovskikh, I. V.; Sarychev, M. N.; Zherlitsyn, S. and others

Manifestation of the Jahn-Teller effect in elastic moduli of strontium fluorite crystals doped with chromium ions

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 833(2017), 012003

Prokes, K.; Gorbunov, D. I.; Reehuis, M.; Klemke, B.; Gukasov, A.; Uhlirova, K. and others

Anisotropic physical properties of single-crystal U2Rh2Sn in high magnetic fields

Physical Review B 95(2017), 174433

Orlova, A.; Green, E. L.; Law, J. M.; Gorbunov, D. I.; Chanda, G.; Krämer, S. and others

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Signature of the Spin-Nematic Phase in LiCuVO4 at High Magnetic Fields

Physical Review Letters 118(2017), 247201

Stinshoff, R.; Nayak, A. K.; Fecher, G. H.; Balke, B.; Ouardi, S.; Skourski, Y. and others

Completely compensated ferrimagnetism and sublattice spin crossing in the half-metallic Heusler compound Mn1.5FeV0.5Al

Physical Review B 95(2017), 060410(R)

Möhler, C.; Wohlfahrt, P.; Richter, C.; Greilich, S.

Methodological accuracy of image-based electron-density assessment using dual-energy computed tomography

Medical Physics 44(2017)6, 2429-2437

Lin, G.; Makarov, D.; Schmidt, O. G.

Magnetic sensing platform technologies for biomedical applications

Lab on a chip 17(2017)11, 1884-1912

Otálora, J. A.; Yan, M.; Schultheiss, H.; Hertel, R.; Kákay, A.

Asymmetric spin-wave dispersion in ferromagnetic nanotubes induced by surface curvature

Physical Review B 95(2017), 184415

Froehlich, D. R.; Kremeleva, A.; Rossberg, A.; Skerencak-Frech, A.; Koke, C.; Krüger, S. and others

A combined EXAFS spectroscopic and quantum chemical study on the complex formation of Am(III) with formate

Inorganic Chemistry 56(2017), 6820-6829

Wawro, A.; Kurant, Z.; Tekielak, M.; Jakubowski, M.; Pietruczik, A.; Böttger, R. and others

Modifications of the magnetization ordering in Co/Mo/Co layers by Ga+ ion irradiation

Applied Physics Letters 110(2017), 252405

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