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Recent publications in refereed journals

Froehlich, D. R.; Kremeleva, A.; Rossberg, A.; Skerencak-Frech, A.; Koke, C.; Krüger, S. and others

A combined EXAFS spectroscopic and quantum chemical study on the complex formation of Am(III) with formate

Inorganic Chemistry 56(2017), 6820-6829

Wawro, A.; Kurant, Z.; Tekielak, M.; Jakubowski, M.; Pietruczik, A.; Böttger, R. and others

Modifications of the magnetization ordering in Co/Mo/Co layers by Ga+ ion irradiation

Applied Physics Letters 110(2017), 252405

Haase, K. M.; Beier, C.; Regelous, M.; Rapprich, V.; Renno, A. D.

Spatial variability of source composition and petrogenesis in rift and rift flank alkaline lavas from the Eger Rift, Central Europe

Chemical Geology 455(2017), 304-314

Wang, L.; Ye, J.; He, Y.; Deuther-Conrad, W.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, X. and others

18F-Labeled indole-based analogs as highly selective radioligands for imaging sigma-2 receptors in the brain

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 25(2017), 3792-3802

Mastren, T.; Radchenko, V.; Bach, H.; Balkin, E.; Birnbaum, E.; Brugh, M. and others

Bulk production and evaluation of high specific activity 186gRe for cancer therapy using enriched 186WO3 targets in a proton beam

Nuclear Medicine and Biology 49(2017), 24-29

Kubeil, M.; Vernooij, R. R.; Kubeil, C.; Wood, B. R.; Graham, B.; Stephan, H. and others

Studies of carbon monoxide release from ruthenium(II) bipyridine carbonyl complexes upon UV light exposure

Inorganic Chemistry 56(2017)10, 5941-5952

Smith, A. L.; Colineau, E.; Griveau, J.-C.; Kauric, G.; Martin, P.; Scheinost, A. C. and others

A new look at the structural and magnetic properties of potassium neptunate K2NpO4 combining XRD, XANES spectroscopy and low temperature heat capacity

Inorganic Chemistry 56(2017)10, 5839-5850

Ma, L.; Tan, Y.; Wang, S.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Zhou, S.; Yu, H. and others

Continuous-Wave and Q-Switched Yb:YSGG Waveguide Laser

Journal of Lightwave Technology 35(2017)13, 2642-2645

Komsa, H.-P.; Senga, R.; Suenaga, K.; Krasheninnikov, A. V.

Structural Distortions and Charge Density Waves in Iodine Chains Encapsulated inside Carbon Nanotubes

Nano Letters 17(2017), 3694-3700

Glamazda, A.; Choi, Y. S.; Do, S.-H.; Lee, S.; Lemmens, P.; Ponomaryov, A. N. and others

Quantum criticality in the coupled two-leg spin ladder Ba2CuTeO6

Physical Review B 95(2017), 184430

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