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Riedel, S.; Gerwig, M.; Gerlach, D.; Brendler, E.; Gericke, R.; Kroke, E. et al.

The Hexacoordinate Si Complex SiCl₄(4-Azidopyridine)₂—Crystallographic Characterization of Two Conformers and Probing the Influence of SiCl₄-Complexation on a Click Reaction with Phenylacetylen

Inorganics 11(2023)12, 473

Khan, H.; Kováts, P.; Zähringer, K.; Rzehak, R.

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of a Counter-Current Flow Bubble Column

Chemical Engineering Science (2023)

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Ali, J.; Swalpa, K. R.; Ghamisi, P.

WetMapFormer: A unified deep CNN and vision transformer for complex wetland mapping

International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 120(2023), 103333

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Demers, J.; Fagan, W.; Potluri, S.; Calabrese, J.

The relationship between controllability, optimal testing resource allocation, and incubation-latent period mismatch as revealed by COVID-19

Infectious Disease Modelling 8(2023)2, 514-538

Isele, M.; Hofmann, K.; Erbe, A.; Leiderer, P.; Nielaba, P.

Lane formation of colloidal particles driven in parallel by gravity

Physical Review E 108(2023)3, 034607

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Romero, J.; Tabelin, C. B.; Park, I.; Alorro, R. D.; Zoleta, J.; Silva, L. C. et al.

Modified Diglycolamide Resin: Characterization and Potential Application for Rare Earth Element Recovery

Minerals 13(2023)10, 1330

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Suma Balakrishnan, S. L.; Lokamani, M.; Ramakrishna, K.; Cangi, A.; Murali, D.; Posselt, M. et al.

Ab initio insights on the ultrafast strong-field dynamics of anatase TiO2

Physical Review B 108(2023), 195149

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Steuer, O.; Liedke, M. O.; Butterling, M.; Schwarz, D.; Schulze, J.; Li, Z. et al.

Evolution of point defects in pulsed-laser-melted Ge1-xSnx probed by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 36(2023), 085701

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Hache, T.; Körber, L.; Hula, T.; Lenz, K.; Kakay, A.; Hellwig, O. et al.

Control of Four-Magnon Scattering by Pure Spin Current in a Magnonic Waveguide

Physical Review Applied 20(2023), 014062

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Uzunova, V.; Körber, L.; Kavvadia, A.; Quasebarth, G.; Schultheiß, H.; Kakay, A. et al.

Nontrivial Aharonov-Bohm effect and alternating dispersion of magnons in cone-state ferromagnetic rings

Physical Review B 108(2023), 174445

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