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Recent Publications

Riminucci, A.; Uhlarz, M.; Santis, R.; Herrmannsdörfer, T.

Analytical balance-based Faraday magnetometer

Journal of Applied Physics 121(2017), 094701

Lucas, S.; Grube, K.; Huang, C.-L.; Sakai, A.; Wunderlich, S.; Green, E. L. and others

Entropy Evolution in the Magnetic Phases of Partially Frustrated CePdAl

Physical Review Letters 118(2017), 107204

Beckstein, P.; Galindo, V.; Gerbeth, G.

Free-surface dynamics in the Ribbon Growth on Substrate (RGS) Process

International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 53(2017)51, 543-551

Pant, K.; Sedláček, O.; Nadar, R. A.; Hrubý, M.; Stephan, H.

Radiolabelled polymeric materials for imaging and treatment of cancer: Quo Vadis?

Advanced Healthcare Materials 6(2017)6, 1601115

L Kunz-Schughart ; A Dubrovska; C Peitzsch ; Ewe, A.; Aigner, A.; Schellenburg, S. and others

Nanoparticles for radiooncology: Mission, vision, challenges.

Biomaterials 120(2017), 155-184

Berencén, Y.; Prucnal, S.; Liu, F.; Skorupa, I.; Hübner, R.; Rebohle, L. and others

Room-temperature short-wavelength infrared Si photodetector

Scientific Reports 7(2017), 43688

Boogaart, K. G.; Mueller, U.; Tolosana-Delgado, R.

An affine equivariant multivariate normal score transform for compositional data

Mathematical Geosciences 49(2017)2, 231-251

Ueda, M.; Silva, A. R.; Pillaca, E. J. D. M.; Mariano, S. F. M.; Rossi, J. O.; Oliveira, R. M. and others

New possibilities of plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) and deposition (PIII&D) in industrial components using metal tube fixtures

Surface & Coatings Technology 312(2017), 37-46

Ablyazimov, T.; Abuhoza, A.; Adak, R. P.; Adamczyk, M.; Agarwal, K.; Aggarwal, M. M. and others

Challenges in QCD matter physics - The Compressed Baryonic Matter experiment at FAIR

European Physical Journal A 53(2017), 60

Mamat, C.; Weiss, D.-H.; Köckerling, M.

X-ray Structures of Succinimidyl Halobenzoates

Crystals 7(2017), 90

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