Recent publications in refereed journals

Lippold, H.; Karimzadeh, L.; Kulenkampff, J.; Wissmeier, L.; Stuhlfauth, C.; Stoll, M. and others

Effect of pH on the mobility of the herbicide MCPA in a sand-goethite column: 1D and 2D reactive transport modeling

Applied Geochemistry 98(2018), 345-350

Skidin, D.; Erdmann, T.; Nikipar, S.; Eisenhut, F.; Krüger, J.; Günther, F. and others

Tuning the conductance of a molecular wire by the interplay of donor and acceptor units

Nanoscale 10(2018)36, 17131-17139

Kupka, N.; Rudolph, M.

Role of sodium carbonate in scheelite flotation – a multi-faceted reagent

Minerals Engineering 129(2018), 120-128

Keil, V.; Eichhorn, L.; Mutsaerts, H.; Träber, F.; Block, W.; Mädler, B. and others

Cerebrovascular Reactivity during Prolonged Breath-Hold in Experienced Freedivers

American Journal of Neuroradiology 39(2018)10, 1839-1847

Wolff, A.; Klingner, N.; Thompson, W.; Zhou, Y.; Lin, J.; Peng, Y. Y. and others

Modelling of focused ion beam induced increases in sample temperature: a case study of heat damage in biological samples

Journal of Microscopy 272(2018)1, 47-59

Kuhne, K.; Behring, L.; Belter, B.; Wodtke, R.; Krüchten, L.; Keller, M. and others

Cathepsin B-Activatable Cell-Penetrating Peptides for Imaging Cancer-related Cathepsin B

Journal of Peptide Science 24(2018)S2, OP49

Tanha, M. R.; Ikeda-Ohno, A.; Schulze, M.; Khalid, F. R.; Storai, M. A.; Walther, C.

Environmental radioactivity studies in Kabul and northern Afghanistan

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (2018)

Ullrich, M.; Liers, J.; Peitzsch, M.; Feldmann, A.; Bergmann, R.; Sommer, U. and others

Strain-specific metastatic phenotypes in pheochromocytoma allograft mice

Endocrine-Related Cancer 25(2018)12, 993-1004

Zhai, Z.-H.; Chen, S.-C.; Du, L.-H.; Zhong, S.-C.; Huang, W.; Li, Z.-R. and others

Giant impact of self-photothermal on light-induced ultrafast insulator-to-metal transition in VO₂ nanofilms at terahertz frequency

Optics Express 26(2018)21, 28051-28066

Pelizzo, M. G.; Corso, A. J.; Tessarolo, E.; Böttger, R.; Hübner, R.; Napolitani, E. and others

Morphological and Functional Modifications of Optical Thin Films for Space Applications Irradiated with Low-Energy Helium Ions

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 10(2018), 34781-34791

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