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May 16, 2019
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The technology platform of the research alliance DRESDEN-concept.

Recent publications in refereed journals

Nikulin, P.; Maus, J.; Hofheinz, F.; Lougovski, A.; Hoff, J.

Time efficient scatter correction for time-of-flight PET: the immediate scatter approximation

Physics in Medicine and Biology 64(2019), 075005

Molodtsov, K.; Schymura, S.; Rothe, J.; Dardenne, K.; Schmidt, M.

Sorption of Eu(III) on Eibenstock granite studied by µTRLFS: A novel spatially-resolved luminescence-spectroscopic technique

Scientific Reports 9(2019), 6287

Lungwitz, F.; Escobar-Galindo, R.; Janke, D.; Schumann, E.; Wenisch, R.; Gemming, S. and others

Transparent Conductive Tantalum Doped Tin Oxide as Selectively Solar-Transmitting Coating for High Temperature Solar Thermal Applications

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 196(2019), 84-93

Duan, B.; Bergner, F.; Heintze, C.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Wang, T.

Post-irradiation annealing behavior of oxide dispersion strengthened Fe-Cr alloys studied by nanoindentation

Philosophical Magazine Letters 98(2018)12, 536-546

Reissig, F.; Bauer, D.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Steinbach, J.; Mamat, C.

Synthesis and Functionalization of Radium-doped Barium Sulfate Nanoparticles

Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences 50(2019)1, S38-S38

Bauer, D.; Reissig, F.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Steinbach, J.; Mamat, C.

Calixarene-based ligands for Radium and Barium

Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences 50(2019)1, S39

Appel, P.; Shields, B. J.; Kosub, T.; Hedrich, N.; Hübner, R.; Fassbender, J. and others

Nanomagnetism of Magnetoelectric Granular Thin-Film Antiferromagnets

Nano Letters 19(2019)3, 1682-1687

Haldar, R.; Batra, K.; Marschner, S. M.; Kuc, A. B.; Zahn, S.; Fischer, R. A. and others

Bridging the green gap: MOF hetero-multilayers assembled from porphyrinic linkers identified using computational screening

Chemistry - A European Journal (2019)

Nomura, T.; Zhang, X.-X.; Zherlitsyn, S.; Wosnitza, J.; Tokura, Y.; Nagaosa, N. and others

Phonon Magnetochiral Effect

Physical Review Letters 122(2019), 145901

Liao, Y.; Krepper, E.; Lucas, D.

A baseline closure concept for simulating bubbly flow with phase change: interfacial heat transfer coefficient

Nuclear Engineering and Design 348(2019), 1-13

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