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October 19-20, 2017
Strahlenschutzforum Sachsen 2017 in Dresden

October 11, 2017; 9:20 a.m.
Teilchenphysik in Bleistiftstaub: Das Wundermaterial Graphen (TU Dresden)

November 4, 2017; 10 a.m.
Physik am Samstag (TU Dresden)

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Recent publications in refereed journals

Zürner, T.; Ratajczak, M.; Wondrak, T.; Eckert, S.

Inductive measurement of the free surface of liquid metals

Measurement Science and Technology 28(2017)11, 115301

Sachs, S.; Geipel, G.; Bok, F.; Oertel, J.; Fahmy, K.

Calorimetrically determined U(VI) toxicity in Brassica napus correlates with oxidoreductase activity and U(VI) speciation

Environmental Science & Technology 51(2017)18, 10843-10849

Stützer, K.; Lin, A.; Kirk, M.; Lin, L.

Superiority in robustness of multi-field optimization over single-field optimization for pencil-beam proton therapy for oropharynx carcinoma: an enhanced robustness analysis

International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 99(2017)3, 738-749

Wohlfahrt, P.; Möhler, C.; Greilich, S.; Richter, C.

Comment on „Dosimetric comparison of stopping power calibration with dual-energy CT and single-energy CT in proton therapy treatment planning“ [Med. Phys. 43(6), 2845-2854 (2016)]

Medical Physics 44(2017)10

Tauchnitz, T.; Nurmamytov, T.; Hübner, R.; Engler, M.; Facsko, S.; Schneider, H. and others

Decoupling the two roles of Ga droplets in the self-catalyzed growth of GaAs nanowires on SiOx/Si(111) substrates

Crystal Growth & Design 17(2017), 5276-5282

Smith, T.; Hofmann, B. A.; Leya, I.; Merchel, S.; Pavetich, S.; Rugel, G. and others

The cosmic-ray exposure history of the Twannberg iron meteorite (IIG)

Meteoritics & Planetary Science 52(2017), 2241-2257

A. A. Sapozhnik, A. A.; Abrudan, R.; Skourski, Y.; Jourdan, M.; Zabel, H.; Kläui, M. and others

Manipulation of antiferromagnetic domain distribution in Mn2Au by ultrahigh magnetic fields and by strain

Physica Status Solidi (RRL) 11(2017)4, 1600438

Prokes, K.; Bartkowiak, M.; Rivin, O.; Prokhnenko, O.; Förster, T.; Gerischer, S. and others

Magnetic structure in a U(Ru0.92Rh0.08)2Si2 single crystal studied by neutron diffraction in static magnetic fields up to 24 T

Physical Review B 96(2017)12, 121117(R)

Averkiev, N. S.; Bersuker, I. B.; Gudkov, V. V.; Zhevstovskikh, I. V.; Baryshnikov, K. A.; Sarychev, M. N. and others

Magnetic field induced tunneling and relaxation between orthogonal configurations in solids and molecular systems

Physical Review B 96(2017)9, 094431

Belianinov, A.; Burch, M. J.; Kim, S.; Tan, S.; Hlawacek, G.; Ovchinnikova, O.

Noble gas ion beams in materials science for future applications and devices

MRS Bulletin 42(2017)9, 660-666

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