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Recent publications in refereed journals

Domènech, G.; Corominas, J.; Mavrouli, O.; Merchel, S.; Abellán, A.; Pavetich, S. and others

Calculation of the rockwall recession rate of a limestone cliff, affected by rockfalls, using cosmogenic chlorine-36. Case study of the Montsec Range (Eastern Pyrenees, Spain)

Geomorphology 306(2018), 325-335

Neuber, C.; Belter, B.; Meister, S.; Hofheinz, F.; Bergmann, R.; Pietzsch, H.-J. and others

Overexpression of receptor tyrosine kinase EphB4 triggers tumor growth and hypoxia in A375 melanoma xenografts: insights from multitracer small animal imaging experiments

Molecules 23(2018), 444

Tymen, S.; Scheinost, A. C.; Lozano Rodriguez, M. J.; Friebe, C.; Schubert, U. S.

From cubic palladium to concave core-shell platinum palladium nanoparticles: Evolution of the structure and their electrochemical properties

Journal of the Electrochemical Society 165(2018)3, H67-H77

Irman, A.; Couperus, J. P.; Debus, A.; Köhler, A.; Krämer, J. M.; Pausch, R. and others

Improved performance of laser wakefield acceleration by tailored self-truncated ionization injection

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (2018)

Fischer, C.; Kurganskaya, I.; Lüttge, A.

Inherited control of crystal surface reactivity

Applied Geochemistry (2018)

Meyer, F.; Becker, S.; Niecke, A.; Werner, S.; Peitzsch, C.; Hein, L. and others

Interaction of Stem Cell Properties and DNA Repair determine the Radiosensitizing Effect after Inhibition of CHK1, RAD51 and PARP1 in TNBCs

Strahlentherapie und Onkologie 193(2017), S9

Juratli, T. A.; Thiede, C.; Koerner, M. V. A.; Tummala, S. S.; Daubner, D.; Shankar, G. M. and others

Intratumoral heterogeneity and TERT promoter mutations in progressive/higher-grade meningiomas

Oncotarget 8(2017), 109228-109237

Cubillos-Mesías, M.; Baumann, M.; Troost, E. G. C.; Appold, S.; Krause, M.; Richter, C. and others

Robustness evaluation of single-and multifield optimized proton plans for unilateral head and neck

Radiotherapy and Oncology 123(2017)Suppl. 1, S438-S439

Kroll, F.; Beyreuther, E.; Brack, F. E.; Gaus, L.; Karsch, L.; Kraft, S. and others

Preparation of small animal irradiation experiments with laser-accelerated protons

Biomedical Engineering / Biomedizinische Technik 62(2017)Suppl. 1, S239

Dutz, A.; Agolli, L.; Troost, E. G. C.; Krause, M.; Baumann, M.; Lühr, A. and others

NTCP models for early toxicities in patients with prostate or brain tumours receiving proton therapy

Radiation Oncology 123(2017), S860

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