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April 18, 2018; 7 p.m.
Nobel Laureates at TU Dresden: Bernard Lucas Feringa

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April 26, 2018
Dein Job im Forschungszentrum

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April 26, 2018; 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
All alone or all together? (TU Dresden)

The technology platform of the research alliance DRESDEN-concept.

Recent publications in refereed journals

Dhal, S.; Das, P.; Rajbhar, M. K.; Chatterjee, S.; Möller, W.; Chatterjee, S. and others

Superior electrical conduction of a water repelling 3D interconnected nano-network

Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6(2018)8, 1951-1958

Takao, K.; Tsushima, S.

The oxidation of borohydrides by photoexcited [UO2(CO3)3]4−

Dalton Transactions 47(2018), 5149-5152

Obst, L.; Metzkes-Ng, J.; Bock, S.; Cochran, G. E.; Cowan, T. E.; Oksenhendler, T. and others

On-shot characterization of single plasma mirror temporal contrast improvement

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 60(2018)5, 054007

Braucher, R.; Keddadouche, K.; Aumaître, G.; Bourlès, D. L.; Arnold, M.; Pivot, S. and others

Chlorine measurements at the 5MV French AMS national facility ASTER: Associated external uncertainties and comparability with the 6MV DREAMS facility

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 420(2018), 40-45

Vishwakarma, V.; Schubert, M.; Hampel, U.

Assessment of separation efficiency modeling and visualization approaches pertaining to flow and mixing patterns on distillation trays

Chemical Engineering Science (2018)

Qiu, C.; Majs, F.; Eng, P.; Stubbs, J.; Douglas, T.; Schmidt, M. and others

In situ structural study of the surface complexation of lead(II) on the chemically mechanically polished hematite (1-102) surface

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 524(2018)15, 66-75

Shuai, Y.; Gong, C.; Bai, X.; Wu, C.; Luo, W.; Böttger, R. and others

Fabrication of Y128-and Y36-cut lithium niobate single-crystalline thin films by crystal-ion-slicing technique

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 57(2018), 04FK05-1-04FK05-5

Popovych, V. D.; Böttger, R.; Heller, R.; Zhou, S.; Bester, M.; Cieniek, B. and others

Heavy doping of CdTe single crystals by Cr ion implantation

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 419(2018), 26-31

Ratajczak, R.; Guziewicz, E.; Prucnal, S.; Łuka, G.; Böttger, R.; Heller, R. and others

Luminescence in the Visible Region from Annealed Thin ALD‐ZnO Films Implanted with Different Rare Earth Ions

Physica Status Solidi (A) (2018), 1700889

Coutts, C.; Arora, M.; Hübner, R.; Heinrich, B.; Girt, E.

Magnetic properties of Co/Ni grain boundaries after annealing

AIP Advances 8(2018), 056318

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