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HZDR Research Talk | 27.5.2020 | 13:00
Dr. Björn Drobot: "What we Can Learn from the 'f' in f-element"

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Recent publications in refereed journals

Qiu, C.; Chen, W.; Schmidt, M.; Majs, F.; Douglas, T. A.; Trainor, T. P.

Selective Adsorption of Pb(II) on an Annealed Hematite (1-102) Surface: Evidence from Crystal Truncation Rod X-ray Diffraction and Density Functional Theory

Environmental Science & Technology 54(2020)11, 6651-6660

Ghosh, S.; Nakada, A.; Springer, M.; Kawaguchi, T.; Suzuki, K.; Kaji, H. and others

Identification of Prime Factors to Maximize the Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution of Covalent Organic Frameworks

Journal of the American Chemical Society 142(2020)21, 9752-9762

Yamamoto, S.; Gorbunov, D.; Akai, H.; Yasumura, H.; Kotani, Y.; Nakamura, T. and others

Element- and orbital-selective magnetic coherent rotation at the first-order phase transition of a hard uniaxial ferrimagnet

Physical Review B 101(2020), 174430

Gottschall, T.; Bykov, E.; Gràcia-Condal, A.; Beckmann, B.; Taubel, A.; Pfeuffer, L. and others

Advanced characterization of multicaloric materials in pulsed magnetic fields

Journal of Applied Physics 127(2020), 185107

Sergeicheva, E. G.; Sosin, S. S.; Gorbunov, D.; Zherlitsyn, S.; Gu, G. D.; Zaliznyak, I. A.

Unexpected magnetic phase in the weakly ordered spin-1/2 chain cuprate Sr2CuO3

Physical Review B 101(2020), 201107 (R)

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Frydrych, S.; Vorberger, J.; Hartley, N.; Schuster, A.; Ramakrishna, K.; Saunders, A. M. and others

Demonstration of X-ray Thomson scattering as diagnostics for miscibility in warm dense matter

Nature Communications 11(2020), 2620

Ramasubramanian, L.; Kákay, A.; Fowley, C.; Yildirim, O.; Matthes, P.; Sorokin, S. and others

Tunable magnetic vortex dynamics in ion-implanted permalloy disks

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2020)

He, S.; Yang, Q.; Li, X.; Liu, H.; Cao, L.; Akhmadaliev, S. and others

Para-ferroelectric phase transition driven by swift heavy-ion irradiation in KTN crystal

Applied Surface Science 519(2020), 146261

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Bischoff, L.; Klingner, N.; Mazarov, P.; Pilz, W.; Meyer, F.

Boron Liquid Metal Alloy Ion Sources for Special FIB Applications

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 38(2020)4, 042801-1-042801-5

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Eibl, M.; Shaw, S.; Prieur, D.; Roßberg, A.; Wilding, M. C.; Hennig, C. and others

Understanding the local structure of Eu3+ and Y3+ stabilized zirconia – Insights from luminescence and X–ray absorption spectroscopic investigations

Journal of Materials Science 55(2020), 10095-10120

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