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November 23, 2017; 1 a.m.
Ressourceneffizienz durch Digitalisierung (Deutsches Hygiene-Museum)

November 25, 2017; 10 a.m.
Physik am Samstag (TU Dresden)

February 12-14, 2018
Astro-Tage im Schülerlabor DeltaX

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Recent publications in refereed journals

Rahfeld, A.; Kleeber, R.; Möckel, R.; Gutzmer, J.

Quantitative mineralogical analysis of European Kupferschiefer ore

Minerals Engineering 115(2018), 21-32

Luo, C.; Ping, H. L.; Azad, F.; Anwand, W.; Butterling, M.; Wagner, A. and others

Sb-related defects in Sb-doped ZnO thin film grown by pulsed laser deposition

Journal of Applied Physics 123(2018)16, 161525

Förster, A.; Gemming, S.; Seifert, G.; Tománek, D.

Chemical and Electronic Repair Mechanism of Defects in MoS2 Monolayers

ACS Nano 11(2017)10, 9989-9996

Hofheinz, F.; Apostolova, I.; Oehme, L.; Kotzerke, J.; Hoff, J.

Test-retest variability of lesion SUV and lesion SUR in 18F-FDG PET: an analysis of data from two prospective multicenter trials

Journal of Nuclear Medicine 58(2017)11, 1770-1775

Gotz, M.; Karsch, L.; Pawelke, J.

A new model for volume recombination in plane-parallel chambers in pulsed fields of high dose-per-pulse

Physics in Medicine and Biology 62(2017)22, 8634-8654

Dhillon, S. S.; Vitiello, M. S.; Linfield, E. H.; Davies, A. G.; Hoffmann, M. C.; Booske, J. and others

The 2017 terahertz science and technology roadmap

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50(2017), 043001

Chumak, A. V.; Schultheiss, H.

Magnonics: Spin waves connecting charges, spins and photons

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50(2017), 300201

Kehr, S.; Doering, J.; Gensch, M.; Helm, M.; Eng, L. M.

FEL-Based Near-Field Infrared to THz Nanoscopy

Synchrotron Radiation News 30(2017)4, 31-35

Kesana, N. R.; Parsi, M.; Vieira, R. E.; Azzopardi, B.; Schleicher, E.; Mclaury, B. S. and others

Visualization of gas-liquid multiphase pseudo-slug flow using Wire-Mesh Sensor

Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 46(2017), 477-490

Nekić, N.; Sancho-Parramon, J.; Bogdanović-Radović, I.; Grenzer, J.; Hübner, R.; Bernstorff, S. and others

Ge/Si core/shell quantum dots in alumina: Tuning the optical absorption by the core and shell size(Article)

Nanophotonics 6(2017)5, 1055-1062

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