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Recent publications in refereed journals

Wyżga, P.; Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Akselrud, L.; Veremchuk, I.; Wagler, J.; Hennig, C. and others

Crystal structure, phase transition and properties of indium (III) sulfide

Dalton Transactions 49(2020)44, 15903-15913

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Khamfongkhruea, C.; Berthold, J.; Janssens, G.; Petzoldt, J.; Smeets, J.; Pausch, G. and others

Classification of the source of treatment deviation in proton therapy using prompt-gamma imaging information

Medical Physics 47(2020)10, 5102-5111

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He, Y.; Fecher, G. H.; Fu, C.; Pan, Y.; Manna, K.; Kroder, J. and others

A New Highly Anisotropic Rh-Based Heusler Compound for Magnetic Recording

Advanced Materials 32(2020)45, 2004331

Pidchenko, I.; März, J.; Hunault, M. O. J. Y.; Bauters, S.; Butorin, S. M.; Kvashnina, K.

Synthesis, Structural, and Electronic Properties of K2PuVIO2(CO3)3(cr): An Environmentally Relevant Plutonium Carbonate Complex

Inorganic Chemistry 59(2020)17, 11889-11893

Hula, T.; Schultheiß, K.; Buzdakov, A.; Körber, L.; Bejarano, M.; Flacke, L. and others

Nonlinear losses in magnon transport due to four-magnon scattering

Applied Physics Letters 117(2020)4, 042404

Inosov, D. S.; Onykiienkko, Y. O.; Tymoshenko, Y. V.; Akopyan, A.; Shukla, D.; Prasai, N. and others

Magnetic field dependence of low-energy magnons, anisotropic heat conduction, and spontaneous relaxation of magnetic domains in the cubic helimagnet ZnCr2Se4

Physical Review B 102(2020), 184431

Pfeuffer, L.; Gottschall, T.; Faske, T.; Taubel, A.; Scheibel, F.; Karpenkov, A. Y. and others

Influence of the martensitic transformation kinetics on the magnetocaloric effect in Ni-Mn-In

Physical Review Materials 4(2020), 111401(R)

Amelin, K.; Alexanian, Y.; Nagel, U.; Rõõm, T.; Robert, J.; Debray, J. and others

Terahertz magneto-optical investigation of quadrupolar spin-lattice effects in magnetically frustrated Tb2Ti2O7

Physical Review B 102(2020), 134428

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Sharul, H.; Vahid, J.-N.; Nikolaos, K. K.; Da Assuncao Godinho, J. R.; Nghia, T. V.; Senyou, A. and others

Direct Characterisation of Solute Transport inUnsaturated Porous Media using 4D X-raySynchrotron Microtomography

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117(2020)38, 23443-2344

Chaudhari, T.; Mallampudi, N.; Bansal, D.; Mohapatra, D.; Tandon, V.

Protecting-Group-Directed Diastereo- and Enantioselective Approach to Substituted Chiral Tetrahydropyrroloquinolines.

European Jounal of Organic Chemistry 18(2020), 2771-2780

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