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Nuclear Physics
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Nuclear Physics: Fundamentals and Applications

Nuclear Physics: Fundamentals and Applications

A.R. Junghans, K. Zuber WS 2023/24

Lecture: Mo(5) DS   Exercises:  Mo(6) DS odd calendar week 
Location: SE2/201

MODUL: Phy-Ma-Vert: Physikalische Vertiefung

Vertiefung Bachelor (PV) und Master (alle)

1.1 Basic Concepts in Nuclear Physics:    General Properties of Nuclei, Quantum States of Nuclei,  (script1, script2)

1.2 Nuclear Forces and Interactions, Conservation Laws  (script3 script4)

2.1 Nuclear Models and Stability Liquid Drop Model, Fermi-Gas Model  (script 5 script6)            

2.2 Mean Potential Model, Shell Model and Magic Numbers, Spin-Orbit Interaction (script7)

2.3 The structure of complex nuclei: even-even nuclei,  residual interactions, collective excitations (script8)

3.1 Nuclear Reactions: Cross sections, Classical and Quantum Scattering (script9)

3.2 Nuclear Reactions:  Low energy neutron scattering, neutron induced reactions, Neutron resonances (script10)

4.1 Neutron sources             

4.2. Neutron detection: Slow neutrons               

4.3 Neutron detection: Fast neutrons                

5.1. Radioactivity:   Nuclear Dating and other uses of radioactivity

6.1. Nuclear Fission: Nuclear Energy, Fission Products, Fission Mechanism

6.2 Nuclear Fission: Neutron transport in matter, Moderation, Nuclear reactors

7.1. Nuclear Astrophysics: Basics of Stellar Structure, Nuclear burning stages, Stellar nucleosynthesis

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