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International summer students performing research at HZDR

News of 11.08.2016

This year, sixteen young scientists are taking part in the international summer student program at HZDR. Both European students from Lithuania, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Albania, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the United Kingdom as well as students from the United States and India became “HZDR summer students”. During their stay, the students work under supervision of HZDR scientists on a small individual research project.

“The students learn how the research is done practically within an independent group. Experiments, data processing, as well as scientific calculations will be performed by the summer students. Investigations on the spin-wave propagation in nanostructures as well as calculations on the development of heavy hydrogen during the ‘big bang’, are part of this year’s topics”, explains Dr. Kay Potzger. The physicist initiated the program together with Dr. Michael Bussmann and Annette Weissig, manager of the HZDR International Office.

The work in the group is accompanied by a lecture program addressing the various research areas at HZDR. Common social activities alongside the scientific program offer the possibility to establish international friendships. The results of all projects will be presented on the first of September in the frame of an official event.

The summer student program at HZDR takes place already the fifth time. The program is an essential part of the promotion of young talent. The program is meant to provide orientation for students holding at least a Bachelor’s degree, who are looking for a topic for further studying, a later Master or PhD thesis. A group of four referees which consists of senior scientists selected the students from their applications. Meanwhile, many of the earlier HZDR summer students decided on a Master or PhD thesis at the HZDR. The students currently taking part in the program will be at HZDR until the middle of September.

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