Dr. Dirk Lucas

Head Computational Fluid Dynamics
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Applications and projects

Foto: Zweiphasenströmungen in horizontalen Rohren und Verteilern - link ©Copyright: Torsten Berger

Two-Phase Flows in horizontal pipes and manifolds

Horizontal two-phase flows occur in nature and many technological areas, e.g. in pipeline transport and storage tanks. Compact heat exchangers, which typically consist of a hea­der and a large number of ­parallel micro-channels, are another example where this type of flow is of importance.
Foto: Einfluss der Abstandhaltergeometrie auf Quervermischung und Wärmeübertragungsverhalten - link ©Copyright: Torsten Berger

Influence of spacer grids and mixing vanes on cross exchange between sub channels and heat transfer capabilities

Spacers are used to fix the position of the fuel rod. In addition, they affect the flow of the coolant. By suitable design of the spacers, the turbulence in the channel can be fanned and the heat transfer behaviour from the fuel element surface is improved.
Foto: Modellierung und Simulation von Zweiphasenströmungen in Flüssigmetallen - link ©Copyright: Torsten Berger

Modelling and simulation of liquid metal two-phase flows

Liquid metal two-phase flows are widely encountered in many industrial processes, such as power engineering, metallurgical and environmental engineering. The safety and efficiency in these industrial applications could be significantly improved by the adequate understating of the fluid dynamics in liquid metal two-phase flow.
Foto: Rotierende Strömungen - link ©Copyright: Torsten Berger

Rotational flow

Rotational flow are actively used for mixing or de-mixing processes, but may occur also as unwanted effects, e.g. in case of gas entrainment at the inlet side of pumps.
Foto: Condensing flows in horizontal pipes - link ©Copyright: Torsten Berger

Condensing flows in horizontal pipes

This project is part of investigations related to passive safety systems for nuclear reactors. It is supported by BMBF. Specific background is the CFD-simulation of condensing flow in pipes of an emergency condenser.

Safety of storage pools for spent nuclear fuel (SINABEL)

A failure of the pool cooling system, for example due to a malfunction of the power supply of the plant, can result in a partial unco­vering of the fuel elements. Within the HZDR part of the project, numerical flow simulation is applied to detect possible problems of the coolability of the fuel assemblies.
Foto: Polydisperse Blasenströmungen in vertikalen Rohren - link ©Copyright: Torsten Berger

Polydispersed flow in ­vertical tubes

In case of poly-dispersed flow the gas phase has to be split into a number of size groups. The theoretical work is based on experiments at the TOPFLOW test facility using advanced two-phase measuring instrumentation, which is developed in this framework.

Modelling and simulation of multiphase flow in flotation equipment

Flotation is a method for se­paration of particles based on the different hydrophobicity of their surfaces which is widely used the mining industries for the se­paration of ores. Recently the importance of selective se­paration of fine and ultra-fine particles has been increasing, especially when it comes to the reco­very of important raw materials which are needed in many current key ­techno­logies such as the rare earth metals