RES³T - Rossendorf Expert System for Surface and Sorption Thermodynamics


RES³T - the Rossendorf Expert System for Surface and Sorption Thermodynamics - is a digitized thermodynamic sorption database. It is implemented as a relational database. It is mineral-specific and can therefore also be used for additive models of more complex solid phases such as rocks or soils.

An integrated user interface helps users to access selected mineral and sorption data, to extract internally consistent data sets for sorption modeling, and to export them into formats suitable for other modeling software. Data records comprise of mineral properties, specific surface area values, characteristics of surface binding sites and their protolysis, sorption ligand information, and surface complexation reactions.

An extensive bibliography is also included, providing links not only to the above listed data items, but also to background information concerning surface complexation model theories, surface species evidence, and sorption experiment techniques.

In an extended abstract you can find more information about the project.

Database content as of 2024-06-25

149 minerals
149 sorbing ligands
2426 specific surface area measurements
2106 surface site data records
7647 surface complexation reactions (detailed visualisation of logK values for all mineral-ligand combinations)
3531 literature references


This project was initially funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour (BMWA) under contract No. PtWt+E 02E9471, which is gratefully acknowledged.