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Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics

Porträt Dr. Lecrivain, Gregory; FWDF
Dr. Gregory Lecrivain
Phone:+49 351 260 3768
Email: g.lecrivainAthzdr.de
Links:Deposition and resuspension of aerosol particles in turbulent flows
Capture of mineral particles by rising bubbles
Pollutant propagation in urban systems
Binary granular mixing with ultrafast X-ray computed tomography
Particle separation at gas-liquid interfaces
ORCID: 0000-0003-0540-3426
AddressBautzner Landstraße 400
01328 Dresden

Who am I?

I am an experienced European scientist with solid expertise gained from three research-intensive European countries (FR, UK, DE) and Japan in groups led by world-leading experts in multiphase flows. My two-year stay at Kyoto University was supported by a highly competitive EU Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Global Fellowship. I currently lead an independent research group on particle fluid dynamics at HZDR.

Ten publications representative of my research

Papapetrou, T. N.; Lecrivain, G.; Bieberle, M.; Boudouvis, A.; Hampel, U.
An improved contact method for quantifying the mixing of a binary granular mixture
Granular Matter (2021), 15

Nozomi, A.; Watanabe, S.; Miyahara, M. T.; Yamamoto, R.; Hampel, U.; Lecrivain, G.
Direct observation of the attachment behavior of hydrophobic colloidal particles onto a bubble surface
Soft Matter 16(2020), 695-702

Lecrivain, G.; Grein, T. B. P.; Yamamoto, R.; Hampel, U.; Taniguchi, T.
Eulerian/Lagrangian formulation for the elasto-capillary deformation of a flexible fibre
Journal of Computational Physics 409(2020), 109324

Lecrivain, G.; Kotani, Y.; Yamamoto, R.; Hampel, U.; Taniguchi, T.
Diffuse interface model to simulate the rise of a fluid droplet across a cloud of particles
Physical Review Fluids 3(2018)9, 094002

Lecrivain, G.; Yamamoto, R.; Hampel, U.; Taniguchi, T.
Direct numerical simulation of an arbitrarily shaped particle at a fluidic interface
Physical Review E 95(2017), 063107

Lecrivain, G.; Yamamoto, R.; Hampel, U.; Taniguchi, T.
Direct numerical simulation of a particle attachment to an immersed bubble
Physics of Fluids 28(2016), 083301

Lecrivain, G.; Rayan, R.; Hurtado, A.; Hampel, U.
Using quasi-DNS to investigate the deposition of elongated aerosol particles in a wavy channel flow
Computers & Fluids 124(2016), 78-85

Lecrivain, G.; Petrucci, G.; Rudolph, M.; Hampel, U.; Yamamoto, R.
Attachment of solid elongated particles on the surface of a stationary gas bubble
International Journal of Multiphase Flow 71(2015), 83-93

Lecrivain, G.; Barry, L.; Hampel, U.
Three-dimensional simulation of multilayer particle deposition in an obstructed channel flow
Powder Technology 258(2014), 134-143

Barth, T.; Lecrivain, G.; Hampel, U.
Particle deposition study in a horizontal turbulent duct flow using optical microscopy and particle size spectrometry
Journal of Aerosol Science 60(2013), 47-54