Thermofluiddynamik - Ausgewählte Publikationen

Thermal fluid dynamics - Selected publications


  • Döß, A.; Schubert, M.; Bieberle, A.; Hampel, U.
    Non-invasive determination of gas phase dispersion coefficients in bubble columns using periodic gas flow modulation
    Chemical Engineering Science 171(2017), 256-270
  • Zalucky, J.; Wagner, M.; Schubert, M.; Lange, R.; Hampel, U.
    Hydrodynamics of descending gas-liquid flows in solid foams: Liquid holdup, multiphase pressure drop and radial dispersion
    Chemical Engineering Science 168(2017), 480-494
  • Sarker, D.; Franz, R.; Ding, W.; Hampel, U.
    Single Bubble Dynamics during Subcooled Nucleate Boiling on a Vertical Heater Surface: An Experimental Analysis of the Effects of Surface Characteristics
    International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 109(2017), 907-921
  • Möller, F.; Seiler, T.; Lau, Y. M.; Weber, M.; Weber, M.; Hampel, U.; Schubert, M.
    Performance comparison between different sparger plate orifice patterns: Hydrodynamic investigation using ultrafast X-ray tomography
    Chemical Engineering Journal 316(2017), 857-871
  • Kipping, R.; Kryk, H.; Schleicher, E.; Gustke, M.; Hampel, U.
    Application of wire-mesh sensor for the study of chemical species conversion in a bubble column during chemical absorption of carbon dioxide in sodium hydroxide
    Chemical Engineering & Technology (2017)
  • Nedeltchev, S.; Hampel, U.; Schubert, M.
    Extraction of both information and reconstruction entropies from ultrafast x-ray tomography data in a bubble column
    Chemical Engineering Science (2017)
  • Hampel, U.
    Editorial for special issue on process tomography in flow measurement and instrumentation
    Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 53(2017)A, 1-3
  • Reinecke, S. F.; Jobst, K.; Hampel, U.
    Untersuchung der Hydrodynamik von ovalen Biogasreaktoren mit instrumentierten Strömungsfolgern
    Chemie Ingenieur Technik 89(2017)4, 464-469
  • Willms, T.; Kryk, H.; Oertel, J.; Lu, X.; Hampel, U.
    Reactivity of t-butyl hydroperoxide and t-butyl peroxide towards reactor materials measured by a microcalorimetric method at 30 °C.
    Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 128(2017)1, 319-333
  • Zalucky, J.; Claußnitzer, T.; Schubert, M.; Lange, R.; Hampel, U.
    Pulse Flow in Solid Foam Packed Reactors: Analysis of Morphology and Key Characteristics
    Chemical Engineering Journal 307(2017), 339-352
  • Schäfer, T.; Neumann, M.; Bieberle, A.; Hampel, U.
    Experimental investigations on a common centrifugal pump operating under gas entrainment conditions
    Nuclear Engineering and Design 316(2017), 1-8
  • Sommer, A.-E.; Wagner, M.; Reinecke, S.; Bieberle, M.; Barthel, F.; Hampel, U.
    Analysis of activated sludge aerated by membrane and monolithic spargers with ultrafast X-ray tomography
    Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 53A(2017), 18-27
  • Wagner, M.; Bieberle, A.; Bieberle, M.; Hampel, U.
    Dynamic bias error correction in gamma-ray computed tomography
    Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 53(2017), 141-146
  • Bieberle, A.; Frust, T.; Wagner, M.; Bieberle, M.; Hampel, U.
    Data processing performance analysis for ultrafast electron beam X-ray CT using parallel processing hardware architectures
    Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 53(2017), 180-188
  • Boden, S.; Haghnegahdar, M.; Hampel, U.
    Measurement of Taylor bubble shape in square channel by microfocus X-ray computed tomography for investigation of mass transfer
    Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 53(2017), 49-55
  • Banowski, M.; Beyer, M.; Szalinski, L.; Lucas, D.; Hampel, U.
    Comparative study of ultrafast X-ray tomography and wire-mesh sensors for vertical gas-liquid pipe flows
    Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 53(2017), 95-106
  • Reinecke, S.; Deutschmann, A.; Jobst, K.; Hampel, U.
    Macro-Mixing characterisation of a stirred model fermenter of non-NEWTONIAN liquid by flow following sensor particles and ERT
    Chemical Engineering Research and Design 118(2017), 1-11











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