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Compositional, structural and morphological modifications of N-rich Cu3N films induced by irradiation with Cu8+ at 42 MeV

Gordillo, N.; Rivera, A.; Grötzschel, R.; Munnik, F.; Güttler, D.; Crespillo, M. L.; Agulló-López, F.; González-Arrabal, R.


N-rich Cu3N films were irradiated with Cu8+ at 42 MeV in the fluence range from 4×1011 to 1×1014 cm-2. The radiation-induced changes in the chemical composition, structural phases, surface morphology and optical properties have been characterised as a function of fluence, substrate temperature and angle of incidence of the incoming ion by means of ion beam analysis (IBA), X-ray diffraction (XRD), atomic force microscopy (AFM), profilometry and Fourier transform IR spectrophotometry (IRFT). IBA techniques reveal a very efficient sputtering of N whose yield (5×103 at/ion) is almost independent of substrate temperature (RT-300ºC) but slightly depends on the incidence angle of the incoming ion. The area density of Cu remains essentially constant within the investigated fluence range. All data suggest an electronic mechanism to be responsible for the N depletion. The release of nitrogen and the formation of Cu2O and metallic Cu are discussed on the basis of existing models.

Keywords: Copper nitride; ion beam modification of materials; ion beam mixing; swift heavy ion irradiation; electronic sputtering


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