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Skin conformal and printable magnetoelectronics for human-machine interfaces and soft robotics

Makarov, D.


Motion sensing is the primary task in numerous disciplines including industrial robotics, prosthetics, virtual and augmented reality appliances. In rigid electronics, rotations, displacements and vibrations are typically monitored using magnetic field sensors. Here, we will discuss the fabrication of flexible [1-3], stretchable [4,5] and printable [5] magnetoelectronic devices. The technology platform relies on high-performance magnetoresistive and Hall effect sensors deposited or printed on ultrathin polymeric foils. These skin conformal flexible and printable magnetosensitive elements enable touchless interactivity with our surroundings based on the interaction with magnetic fields [6], which is relevant for electronics skins [3,5], smart wearables [1,4,5], soft robotics [2] and human-machine interfaces [1,3-5,7].

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Keywords: flexible magnetic field sensors; printable magnetic field sensors; magnetic soft robots

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  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    International Intelligent Materials-IIM 2022, 29.06.-01.07.2022, Kiel, Germany


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