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Three-dimensional, km-scale hyperspectral data of a well-exposed Zn-Pb mineral exploration target at Black Angel Mountain, Greenland

Lorenz, S.; Thiele, S. T.; Kirsch, M.; Unger, G.; Zimmermann, R.; Guarnieri, P.; Baker, N.; Vest Sørensen, E.; Rosa, D.; Gloaguen, R.


Hyperspectral imaging is a most promising innovative technology for non-invasive material mapping and is starting to be adapted in a wide range of applications, including geosciences, ag-riculture, and food quality control. Novel processing workflows have revolutionized the way we can correct, interpret, and integrate hyperspectral data in the past decade. The reprojection of planar hyperspectral scans to real 3D point cloud representations (“hyperclouds”) has opened up new possibilities for the mapping of large and topographically complex targets. So far, only a few tools have been developed to process and visualize this kind of data. In this contribution we pre-sent an open-source hypercloud dataset capturing complex but spectacularly well exposed geolo-gy from the Black Angel Mountain in Maarmorilik, West Greenland, alongside a detailed and interactive tutorial documenting the workflow that was used to create it.

Keywords: open-source dataset; hyperspectral data; spectral imaging; 3D hyperclouds; photogrammetry; mineral mapping; Black Angel Maarmorilik; minimum wavelength mapping; interactive workflow

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