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Foto: Geo PET ©Copyright: HZDR/André KünzelmannScientists around the globe continue to address the question of how safe nuclear waste repositories can be established. The high significance of this research was also specified in the Federal Government’s 6th Energy Research Program. The research conducted by the HZDR scientists is designed to protect people and the environment from the hazards associated with radioactivity entering into the bio and geosphere. In order to predict precisely the possible dispersion of radionuclides in the environment and at potential nuclear waste repository sites, researchers need to know much more about these highly complex processes.

For example, it is a particular challenge to improve the understanding and knowledge of the biologically influenced transportation of long-lived radionuclides in the geosphere and their behavior in such diverse biosystems as bacteria, plants or the human organism. This is the only way to avoid environmental hazards and health risks. The following questions are of primary interest in this context: What happens at the interface of bio- and geosystems? How do radionuclides behave in diverse biosystems? When do they enter the food chain? The scientists seek to answer these and other questions to meet their objective: Making better predictions on the safety of potential nuclear waste repository sites.

The quality of these predictions for nuclear waste repositories essentially depends on the availability of the necessary data. That is why the HZDR researchers are partners in the THEREDA project which fosters and promotes the creation of a comprehensive, quality-assured data bank for potential nuclear waste repository sites.


  • Better understanding of the processes for the long-term safety analysis of nuclear repositories in deep geological formations
  • Developing new equipment systems to gain a better understanding of the processes for dispersing radionuclides in the bio- and geosystems at the molecular and cellular level
  • Determination of data for the long-term safety analysis of nuclear repositories

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