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Foto: One of the most powerful computers in Saxony is located at the Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf. ©Copyright: HZDR/Oliver KilligThe contribution of HZDR to the Helmholtz-topic “Data Management and Analysis” is strongly aligned with the overall activities of the topic, with strong integration with the activities in the topic "Accelerator Research and Development" and the topic "Matter – Dynamics, Mechanisms and Control" in the program MML. Central goal is the implementation of a comprehensive digitization strategy for the Research Field MATTER. The focus is on the development, application, provision, and integration of innovative digital solutions for handling and analyzing the extreme volumes and rates of complex data coming from machines, experiments and simulations, research and application of artificial intelligence for knowledge extraction from experiments and simulations, the application of frontier technologies such as exascale computing and quantum computing to model complex states of matter as well as digital twins of machines, experiments and the complex systems studied by them. Important infrastructures are the central computing facilities of HZDR.


  • • Implementation of a comprehensive digitization strategy for the Research Field MATTER
  • • Develop, apply, deploy, and integrate innovative digital solutions for handling and analyzing the extreme volumes and rates of complex data from machines, experiments, and simulations
  • • Exploration and application of artificial intelligence for knowledge extraction from experiments and simulations
  • • Application of pioneering technologies such as exascale computing and quantum computing to model complex states of matter
  • • Implementing digital twins of machines, experiments and the complex systems they study

Press Releases

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  • Bosoni, E.; Beal, L.; Bercx, M. et al.
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  • Prasoon, A.; Yang, H.; Hambsch, M. et al.
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  • Haldar, S.; Bhauriyal, P.; Ramuglia, A. R. et al.
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  • Mendgen, P.; Dejid, N.; Olson, K. et al.
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  • Haldar, S.; Waentig, A. L.; Ramuglia, A. R. et al.
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  • Davoodi Monfared, M.; Batista, A.; Mertel, A. et al.
    A Web-Based COVID-19 Tool for Testing Residents in Retirement Homes: Development Study
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  • Saraiva De Menezes, J. F.
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