November 2023

  • 3 days of exciting science on Radio-Immuno-Theranostics within MHELTHERA School at HZDR with renowned speakers from Columbia, Germany and Australia (LinkedIn)

October 2023

September 2023

  • MHELTHERA seminar takes place on September, 12 at HZDR with talks given by Prof. Christoph Hagemeyer and Dr Karen Alt from Monash University
  • Welcome to our Australian postdoctoral fellow Dr Adam Kennedy from Monash University. We wish you a lot of success!

July 2023

  • $5 million in funding has been awarded to the Australian Research Council (ARC) Industrial Transformation Training Centres for Radiopharmaceutical Technologies and Precision Radiopharmaceuticals (press release) led by Prof. Andrea Robinson, Monash University
  • Welcome to our Australian PhD student Amna Batool from Monash University (supervisor Prof. Phil Andrews). She is working in the group of Dr Larysa Baraban. We wish you a lot of success!

June 2023

  • MHELTHERA colloquia week with talks given by Prof. Wolfgang Parak (June, 26) from Universität Hamburg as well as Prof. Phil Andrews (June, 27) and Prof. Andrea Robinson (June, 27) from Monash University 
  • MHELTHERA seminar kick-off with a talk given by Prof. Peter Comba from Heidelberg University on June, 19 at HZDR

May 2023

  • Welcome to our Australian PhD students Rachel Maclean and Melyssa Grieve from Monash University (main supervisor Assoc. Prof. Brett Paterson). They will work for four months at HZDR supervised by Dr Manja Kubeil. We wish you a lot of success!
  • Kubeil and Comba et al. developed a chelator for imaging and therapeutic radionuclides (press release) which forms stable complexes at mild conditions allowing the attachment of thermolabile molecules

April 2023

  • Welcome to the new MHELTHERA PhD student Karl Anger. We wish you a lot of success!

March 2023

  • Annual Meeting and Opening of Monash-Helmholtz Laboratory for Radio-Immuno-Theranostics (MHELTHERA) to be held in Melbourne at Monash University, Clayton Campus, March 16-17, 2023 (Program Annual Meeting MHELTHERA)
  • Offical opening of MHELTHERA Lab by Prof. Otmar Wiestler, President of Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres, Mr Simon McKeon AO, Chancellor of Monash University, and Prof. Sebastian M. Schmidt, Scientific Director of HZDR (Pressemitteilung HZDR, press release Monash University)
  • Baraban et al. developed a nanobiosensor to detect SARS-CoV-2 (press release)

January 2023

  • MHELTHERA team member Dr Larysa Baraban was awarded with an ERC Consolidator Grant ‘ImmunoChip’ (101045415, ImmunoChip).
    Congratulations on this highly prestigious grant and much success! (press release)
  • PhD student Ina Kopp is going to work at Prof. Kellie Tuck's lab (Kellie Tuck group) developing a novel near-infrared fluorophore for optical imaging

October 2022

  • Australian Society of Molecular Imaging Annual Meeting to be held in Melbourne, October 6-7, is co-organized by MHELTHERA team member Bianca Jupp
  • Claudia, Liliana and Manja from the MHELTHERA team will participate and discuss their work with the Australian MHELTHERA colleagues.

"CAR Technology Meets Theranostics – A New Era of Immunotheranostics for Hematological and Solid Tumors" (Claudia Arndt, Plenary Lecture Invited)

"Immunotheranostic target modules suitable for imaging and navigation of UniCAR T-cells to strike FAP-expressing solid tumours and their microenvironment" (Liliana Loureiro)

"A novel bispidine-based chelator for radiopharmaceutical applications" (Manja Kubeil)

September 2022

  • Antibody Technologies and Therapeutics Conference to be held at Monash University Prato Center (Italy), September 11 -14, is co-organized by MHELTHERA team members Christoph Hagemeyer and Karen Alt and will be used to further coordinate the joint work.
  • Anja and Liliana from HZDR present work on antibody engineering and applications for therapy and imaging:

"Theranostic Antibody- and CAR-based Platform Technology for Therapy and Imaging" (Anja Feldmann)

"Driving UniCARs to successful immunotherapy of solid tumors expressing fibroblast activation protein (FAP)" (Liliana Loureiro)

  • Monash awarded $23M federal funding as part of $71M Australian Precision Medicine Enterprise project (APME)